Pursuing a man dating early dating pitfalls

"That should hold you until tonight" she mused as she licked at my balls.

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In front of her dad, and she had prepped me while I was in the shower, Catherine asked me about my assets.

She had been asked a couple of questions by her dad when I was gone so she told me to be ready.

There's a mortgage on it of about $50,000 and I'll pay it off by the end of the year.

Just before that I picked up a three bedroom town home about a mile from my house for $500,000.

So, roughly, these businesses throw off, combined, over a hundred grand a month. I've been approached to invest in a new hotel in Las Vegas. It's been recommended to me to look into buying or starting a limo company.

Some months a lot more." Catherine was looking at me with a dazed expression on her face. Tom had a sterner look on his face which I couldn't read. "I've invested the life insurance settlements with a financial advisor who is growing it nicely. I just got paid for the sale of that business that Gloria worked for. I just opened escrow on two view residential lots in a gated golf course development near where I live now."In addition to my mergers and acquisitions business I own a profitable dry cleaners with two locations. I'm a part owner in a specialty medical clinic that's profitable and throws off a lot of cash. I'm also a part owner in an after market automotive manufacturing business. I just launched an internet clothing company in Las Vegas. I'm looking at franchising a pool and spa cleaning business nationwide.The clothing company is a start up but is projected to break even starting next month.Catherine had arranged for us to have adjoining rooms. She washed every inch of me, kissing me like she hadn't seen me in a month.She put a shower cap on to keep her hair dry and as we showered together before dinner I gave her part one of my conversation with her ex. Seeing Catherine naked and her washing my back and front caused a sleeping giant to emerge.Although she didn't need it, I used the bar of soap as an excuse to get my hands all over Catherine.

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