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But that did not deter him from engaging in a sexual relationship with her.

Hari was arrested after the girl’s school informed the police and officers found text messages between the girl and Hari on her phone.

Käytämme evästeitä sisällön yksilöimiseen, mainosten mukauttamiseen, mainosten seurantaan ja turvallisen käytön varmistamiseen.

Klikkaamalla sivustoa tai selaamalla sitä annat meille luvan kerätä tietoja Facebookissa ja sen ulkopuolella evästeiden avulla.

During the three-day trial, Hari denied having sex with the girl and told the court he had met the girl out of the “goodness of his heart” and claimed he gave $70 to help her buy a new phone.

Hari asked the court to defer his sentence to a later date, saying that he had to complete an internship. According to the media report, two other men were prosecuted and a third was referred to the Serious Sexual Crime Branch of the Singapore Police Force for investigations for having sex with the girl.Due to many cultural and economic reasons (dowry, daughters thought of as consumers and sons as producers, potential conflict over property division, continuation of family line, to name but a few ) boys are regarded as the preferred sex and consequently female foeticide and infanticide is often the chosen path for women who feel they have no alternative.You would think education and awareness would put an end to these practices but unfortunately not.(Source: The Missing Girls, 2011) ANNOUCEMENT: RETENTION OF FUNDS Dear Supporter of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab).We wish to take this opportunity to clarify to you why we are retaining a large amount of funds and explain to you our reasons for not forwarding funds on to Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar.We work for the protection of the rights of all children in general.


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