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H.: Trump Will "Likely Take A Big Hit" On The Tax Plan; Deputy FBI Director Questioned As GOP Sen. Stokes Russia Conspiracy Theory; Third Judicial Nominee Withdraws From Consideration.

Aired 7-8pm ET • Trump Predicts Russia Probe Exoneration: Allies Fear "Meltdown"; Trump Calls Russia 'Rival' After 2 Calls With Putin In 4 Days; New Tax Bill Provision Benefits Wealthy Trump & Corker.

Aired 7-8pm ET • Trump Falsely Claims He's "Signed More Legislation Than Anybody"; Truck Blocks CNN Cameras From Capturing Trump On Golf Course; Flynn's Brother Makes Pardon Request To President Trump. Aired 7-8p ET • GOP Intensifies Attacks To Undermine Russia Investigation; FBI Official Backs Up Comey's Claim That Trump Asked For Loyalty; 128 Countries Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Brennan Calls Trump "Narcissistic, Vengeful" After U. Criticized For Floating Government Conspiracy Against Trump.

Aired 7-8pm ET • Trump Slams "Tainted" FBI, "Bogus" Russia Dossier; Trump: Dems and Republicans Will Come Together On Health Care; Trump Aiming For Bipartisanship On Taxes, Health Infrastructure But Will Dems Work With Him? Aired 7-8pm ET • Awaiting Senate Vote On Tax Bill, House Must Re-vote; W.

Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Backs Roy Moore: Vote For Accused Molester Over "Bad" Democratic Candidate; Roy Moore Campaign: "We Don't Believe These Women"; Roy Moore In His Own Words Suggests Future Wife Kayla First Caught His Eye When She Was A Teen; CBS: 3 New Accusers Allege Sexual Harassment By Charlie Rose. Franken; Alabama GOP Governor: "No Reason To Disbelieve" Moore Accusers, Still Voting For Moore; Roy Moore Accuser Speaks Out, Says He Groped Her; Kushner Testified He didn't Recall Any Campaign Wiki Leaks Contact; Mueller's Team To Meet with Hope Hicks Amid Russia Probe. H.'s Go-To Answer About Roy Moore: The People Will Decide; Trump Punts On Roy Moore Questions; Fox Poll: GOP Candidate Roy Moore Trailing Dem By Eight Points; Sen.

Franken Calls For Ethics Investigation Into His Actions, Apologizes For Groping Woman In 2006. Exchanged Messages With Wiki Leaks During The Campaign; Calls For Trump Jr.The hymn’s original lyrics, now known as “the revolutionary version,” are from a poem by Lola Rodriguez de Tió.The 1868 verses were a passionate call to arms coinciding with revolt against Spanish rule in Puerto Rico (”We want freedom, and our machetes will give it to us").Gold medallist Puerto Rico's Monica Puig reacts during the podium ceremony of the women's singles tennis event at the Olympic Tennis Centre of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. Tennis player Monica Puig’s first gold medal for Puerto Rico brought another first to the Olympics: as Puig stood on the podium to receive her medal Saturday (Aug.13), the Puerto Rican anthem was played for the first time at the games.Meeting With Russians At Trump Tower; FBI Director Defends Agency After Trump's Attacks; Rep.


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