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It went down like a waterfall off a cliff and continued. The smell of it was intoxicating and hard to resist though I couldn't fathom why I would ever want too.Swift then started to force his penis down my throat slowly but surely.

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I looked up and all of a sudden a shower of horse piss flowed from Swift's penis right all over my body and into my mouth!

Not wanting to scare the poor horse, I let him have his way and opened my mouth letting the piss poor in.

He forced me to lick the bottom of it clean which I started doing.

Uhh, I said,looks like he stepped in shit last night.

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Ever since I can remember, I've lived on a farm with our horses.The horse back up into me wanting more, so I did so continuing to kiss and lick his asshole reaching in my tongue as far as possible and tasting his shit which was amazingly not that bad either. Seemingly sensing my desire, Swift lay on the ground for me so I could mate with him.With that, the horse let out a fart and I sniffed it in sighing with content. Taking this opportunity, I lifted the tail and poked my penis at his hole pumping in and out slowly until he let me penis all the way in. It was a sunny day and a Saturday so I got to be alone with Swift again.I then proceed to rubbing his balls to please him which he give a whin- ny at.I continued my tongue massage on his shaft when I reached up and felt under his tail.As Swift had never seen me naked before,this was a little bit of a shock to him and he came over to me immediately sniffing me with his soft nose. He sniffed me all over and then he let out a lick to my face with his big,soft tongue. I was in heaven,being naked with a horse and in addition to that,he was giving me a tongue bath!


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