who was david cook dating - Pros and cons of teen dating

Having a significant other at the time of a big transition in your life can be really helpful.

No matter how your day was, you know there is always someone who loves you at the end of it and will be there for you.

Having a best friend that you aren’t romantically involved with can give you the same things, but when it is someone you are romantically involved with, it’s a lot more personal.

And your clothes stay cleaner when you're not out spilling cheap table wine on them. Con Inciting that jealousy may require some creative lying about your dates.

Pro You will have a hand to hold on walks and during the scary parts of movies. And what if your date is neither a walker, a moviegoer nor a hand-holder?

I had been really close with a group of girls for most of high school, but once my relationship started, those girls and I started to grow apart.

Since I had a boyfriend, it was assumed I was always with him, so I no longer was invited to hang out with “the girls.” Yes, I do love hanging out with my boyfriend, but we are together for such an exceeding amount of time that I don't have time for my other friends.

A few might be keepers, I thought; others (many others! Along the way, I started compiling the pros and cons of dating.

I hope you'll have fun reading my yeas and nays below — and that you'll conclude, as I eventually did, there's no compelling reason not to start dating again.

It was normally one of those silly middle school relationships, but I wanted that.

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