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Based on a badly dressed, mentally retarded character in the soap opera Crossroads.(U.

[German Soldiers caught by a superior with their hands in their pockets are typically asked "Is it your birthday? S.) Is the military equivalent to the civilian Jodies in cadences, and always a tough guy. Pejorative term dating back to World War 2, used by Soldiers of the 2nd AIF to imply incompetence on the part of Reservists who in their view were 'Chocolate Soldiers', likely to melt at the first application of the 'heat of battle'.(U. Navy (particularly used by Reactor Department personnel on Nimitz-class aircraft carriers) ) A derogatory term for the Airmen (airdales) attached to the various. Named after the ship's waste system (Collection, Holding, and Transfer (CHT) systems) . CHT is Usually found splashing across ship's head floors because the designated ship's crew Usually aren't real excited about fixing a toilet problem.(Canada) Play on Service Battalion (Logistics and Supply) due to the excessive number of tents used in its deployment and the general state of coordination among its personnel. ARMY) The time of day when all scheduled training and administrative work stops.

Illustrated in the song lyrics: "Hey, hey, Captain Jack, meet me down by the railroad tracks. squadrons who seem to never-endingly stand in meal lines, make them longer for ship's crew.(U. Generally pejorative, when used outside the company of said personnel. It is in reference to the red, sand filled barrels used to verify that small arms are unloaded before turn in. The unit's senior NCO may hold a formation at this time.

The name refers to the act of dragging every thing out of ones bag while in formation(U.

S.) The name given to the fast food options in chow halls, i.e.; hot dogs and hamburgers. In the Air Force, commonly a reference to pre-packed Flight Lunches intended for aircrew or personnel whose duties do not allow them to go to the chow hall to eat their meals. S.) Highly derogatory, typically used to describe a Soldier whose uniform wear is unsatisfactory, as in "Private Smith, you look like a bag of smashed asshole".

Involves covering the head and arms of the target with a blanket to prevent fighting back or identification of the attackers while a beating is administered.(U. Air Force) An enlisted aircrew member serving on either a KC-135 'Stratotanker' or KC-10 'Extender' primarily responsible for refueling other aircraft in flight. Air Force, where it was slang for a fatal crash, wherein the "farm" referred to the small plot of land at the cemetery where the individual was laid to rest, then generally any KIA G. whose insurance money pays the family funeral bills.(U. Air Force) Things and people related to the time when the Air Corps was a subsidiary unit of the U. (US) A metaphorical scatological reference describing a panicked reaction. "Buddy Spike" is a term used to reassure the "spiked" aircraft that the lock came from a friendly aircraft.

K.) Any storeman (even if he doesn't deal with blankets) . Derived from "boom operator."Used playfully among infantry when not around superiors to describe a breaching shotgun. Make sure you bring plenty of shells for the boomstick." Derived from the Bruce Campbell movie "Army of Darkness".(U. S.) The fleet of riverine vessels - fast patrol boats, amphibious. A play on red star cluster; the humorous implication being that the subject's frightened defecation serves as a substitute distress call.(U. For example: Suppose you were fighting in an exercise as blue air with opposing red air trying to shoot you.

When the CO (Commanding Officer) leaves the bridge, the next in rank takes charge of manning the ship. The term is also used in other fields to refer to a commanding officer who upon leaving his post his duties fall to the next ranking person.(U. From the resemblance of the badge in shape and color to the breakfast cereal. Refers to the perception of more relaxed standards of military discipline, and the generally less spartan living conditions for cadets, at the AFA as compared to the other academies.(Singapore) Reference to senior officers of rank major, lieutenant colonel, or colonel, whose rank insignias are respectively one, two, or three State Crests, the outline of each resembling a crab.

(United Kingdom) Refers to the British Royal Air Force, due to the blue uniform being the same colour of the powder used to treat crabs.(Singapore) A derogatory term to describe warrant officers whose rank insignias are a state crest encased within a semi-circle and chevrons with the number of chevrons denoting higher ranks. Air Force Civil Engineering) An electric vibe tool with a long cylindrical vibrating shaft used in concrete construction to remove air bubbles from concrete.

The origin and nature of the stores determines whether this is a serious. From World War One, when spare bits of shaving soap where called "buckshees".(U. Navy) In boot camp, a company (group) of recruits who are incapable of performing any task correctly, regardless of the rewards or consequences.


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