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A new development is the creation of social enterprises, whereby social workers set up their own company, or work with others to contract for work.

Social workers often work in multi-disciplinary teams alongside health and education professionals. Many work for local authorities in departments that provide services for children or adults.

Some work in NHS Trusts and many others work in the voluntary and private sector.

Healthcare Apprenticeship Standards Online lets you see standards at different stages.

From ‘Being Explored’ to ‘In Development’ to ‘Approved for Delivery’ or ‘Closed.’ Once the standard and assessment documents are available you can download them directly from here.

For England it is the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), for Wales the Care Council for Wales, for Northern Ireland the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) and for Scotland the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) .

Social workers have to agree to adhere to a professional code of practice.This experience can be achieved through paid work, voluntary work, work placements or life experience.Some people may for example have been a carer to a friend or relative which has given them an insight into social work.On the degree course, you will learn about the role of social work and the variety of legislation which is applicable to social work, social work theory, research, ethics and values.There is a big emphasis on practical learning and approximately half of the course consists of undertaking work placements in a social work or related setting.Social work can be emotionally demanding and it is important that anyone interested in becoming a social worker understands that.


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