Professional dating coach men

The Transformative Weekend Approaching & Attraction Mastery Bootcamp is a comprehensive, hands-on weekend training Bootcamp, where I work with you personally to overcome all your limitations with your confidence, interpersonal relationship skills, communication skills, approaching, flirting, & attraction skills and help you make a SIGNIFICANT & measurable improvement in all of those areas and skills.You will leave the weekend Bootcamp a different, much more confident & skilled man!

The Simply Hired careers website, for instance, lists an average annual salary of $32,000 for dating coaches.

The jobs website lists salaries for men's dating consultants running from $30,000 to $110,000-plus.

Men's dating consultants offering wingman services usually pair up with individual clients, exposing them to social situations and providing discrete on-the-spot advice.

For the most part, professional wingman and other men's dating consultant businesses appeared on the scene beginning in 2005.

With 20 clients paying $8,000 for dating coach services, a dating consultant might earn $160,000 annually.

The dating coach market ranges from one- or two-person operations up to multimillion dollar businesses.

My Exclusive Matchmaking package is highly personalized & selective, and includes global searching, PLUS personalized Coaching, an extensive Makeover, & continuous support for 1 year while I find you your match.

I learn exactly what you want, who you're most compatible with, & I search in high places to find her!

Most men's dating consultant employment situations are found at the ,000 to ,000 salary range.

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