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The next Presbyterian General Assembly reaffirmed that Independent Board was unconstitutional and gave the associated clergy an ultimatum to break their links.

When Machen and seven other clergy refused, they were suspended from the Presbyterian ministry.

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Machen and others had founded Westminster Theological Seminary in 1929, in response to a re-organization of Princeton Theological Seminary.

In 1933, Machen, concerned about liberal theology tolerated by Presbyterians on the mission field, formed the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions.

Calvin's doctrines continued to develop after his death, and a particular evolution of them was set forth by a 17th-century assembly of British theologians in the Westminster Standards (which include the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms).

The OPC holds to the Westminster Standards with the American revisions of 1788.

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First, the report identifies the fact that the OPC emerged from the Presbyterian Church USA, which "lost the allegiance of blacks during the ecclesiastical discrimination against blacks in the post-civil war period." The report recommended more outreach to minority and urban areas.

The report's rationale that the denomination inherited the reconstruction racial dynamics of the PCUSA has not been updated since 1974.

On June 11, 1936, Machen and a group of conservative ministers, elders, and laymen met in Philadelphia to form the Presbyterian Church of America (not to be confused with the Presbyterian Church in America, or PCA, which came about decades later). The PCUSA filed suit against the fledgling denomination for its choice of name, and in 1939, the denomination adopted its current name, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Later that year, a significant faction of the OPC, led by Carl Mc Intire, broke away to form the Bible Presbyterian Church, a denomination which, unlike the OPC, held to total abstinence from alcohol and premillennialism.


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