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sweat was dripping from their faces and they were panting as they fucked furiously.

the man dug his nails into her thighs and grunted several times, humping her hard as he pumped his semen into her.

alice quickly ducked into one of the other booths, watching through the crack as they straightened their crumpled clothes as best they could and left. " she cried, dropping to her knees and grabbing his swiftly hardening cock.

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'get a hold on yourself woman,' she thought to herself. before the Change he had been a champion racehorse put out to stud. she adored kissing that white spot and he often joked that the sherlock holmes story "silver blaze" was written about his grandfather.

'there'll be time for that later.' 'not too much later,' she mused. he was still a stud, she grinned, but he didn't service mares anymore. 'the fact that he's hung like a fencepost doesn't hurt either.' she thought with a grin. "i've got time before he comes." she stripped down quickly, and almost ran to the dresser. she was no shorty, standing just over six feet herself, but she still just reached his chin.

Alice smiled to herself as she put the finishing touches on her makeup. " she pumped the dildo back and forth furiously, grinding her clit against the rubber balls, humping up and down on the bed. 'that was good, but it can't beat the real thing.' she thought.

she was wearing a sheer white blouse and a mid-size black mini-skirt. she rose, went to the bathroom to clean up, and in a few more minutes was ready for the night ahead.

her high-heeled pumps and black hose combined with her long red hair and green eyes to create the perfect 'fuck me now' image she was looking for. Soon, the bell rang and she rushed eagerly to open the door.

she smiled even wider and shifted slightly as she felt her pussy begin to moisten even now. " she pushed harder and harder, feeling every inch of her surrogate lover inside her vagina. there he stood, a huge well-muscled stallion, with a jet black mane and hair on his body, and the splash of white on his huge forehead.

rummaging through her underwear drawer, she crowed with delight as she unearthed her favorite dildo. when the bulbous head popped past her lips, she groaned and arched slightly off the bed. god how she loved him, seven and a half feet of purebred racehorse, though the only racing he did these days was driving her to orgasm. " he rumbled and as always she went weak in the knees as she heard his deep sensuous voice. he wore a light grey sport jacket, over a white shirt that barely buttoned on his massive chest, and black pants.

almost a foot long and three inches across, it wasn't as big as albert but it would have to do. he had tried jeans once, at her insistence, but when he tried to bend over in them, they split wide open.

Alternate Pleasure by Nightshade 1999 All rights reserved. when she finished, she pulled the shaft free slowly, moaning as it emerged, flaring into one last minispasm as the head popped free.


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