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It’s something that happens online on a daily basis — sometimes an hourly basis.And it’s so common, it’s become a regular part of teen culture.“And one of the girls told me that if you respond by saying, ‘How dare you? Pretend like you sent them a naked picture they got off the Internet and it’s not even you.’ ”) In a chapter called “Thirteen” (all of the book’s chapters are named for the age of the girls discussed therein), Sales describes Riley, Sophia and Victoria coming out of middle school at the end of the school day in Montclair.

Two Virginia Tech freshmen are currently accused of her premeditated kidnapping and killing.

What Sales makes clear is just how prevalent social media is in the life of an American teenager.

The girl had clearly hoped to cause a breakup, and did — after which Danny took to social media.

“He called me a slut,” Riley said, “and everyone thought I was a slut and everyone started to hate me about that on social media.

“We’re on it 24/7,” a 13-year-old girl in Montclair, NJ, told the author.

“It’s all we do.” And while teenagers have certainly always had sex, experimented with drugs, bullied each other and gotten into trouble, Sales is concerned by the way that social media magnifies these existing tendencies and makes young women matter less — they have less agency, less inclination to speak up about the online behavior that has become so prevalent. Our communication occurs more with nonverbal cues, body language,” says Sales.

It’s this world — a chaotic mix of nude photos, cyber-bullying and dysfunctional relationships — that author Nancy Jo Sales ventured into when researching her new book, “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers” (Knopf).

Sales has been studying the lives of American teenagers since the 1990s.

Recounts 13-year-old Julie: “[My sister’s friend] was having a hard time, she was acting out.


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