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She was sure he did not know it was her brother’s baby. The rear portion became the solarium with a large Jacuzzi.The main house was an old three story Victorian that Tom and June Crafton bought cheap and rehabbed. It fronted the newly installed Japanese garden with its pagoda. Originally, it was four small bedrooms with a kitchen and tiny bath.

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When Caitlin protested, June admonished her saying that she and her brother were old enough to have their own rooms. At 5' 0”, she carried her 115 pounds in her wide full hips and the soft curve of her 34B breasts. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and set up on his elbows.

Her skin was the color of dark chocolate with cream. He loved the smooth clean puffy look of her prominent labia. The pressure of a full bladder caused him to get up and pad barefoot to his bathroom in his boxers.

This story contains incest, bisexuality, interracial sex and other taboos and deviancies.

If you are in ANYWAY offended by any of these themes, do not even start reading!

Chapter 1 Carter and Caitlin Crafton lay head to toe on the couch in Carter's third floor apartment.

The late summer sun streamed in the old stained glass windows warming their naked bodies.“How serious do you think mom and dad's problems are? Somewhere in that statement, there was a kernel of common sense. At 45, June Crafton was antithesis of the stereotypical Black woman.” The siblings were aware that June Crafton moved into Caitlin's old bedroom shortly after Caitlin’s marriage. ” Carter shook his head in bewilderment as his sister ran to the rear stairs and left. She was not a big busted, big butt statuesque woman. And she wants to practice deep throating my cock every time.He savored the intimacy of these moments This and similar scenes were repeated many times over the years. Nannies provided supervision; the siblings supplied the love.The one stabilizing force in their lives was Halvatia Curry, the longtime cook/housekeeper.He had come in her pussy twice and her mouth once in their morning of play.

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