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As the authors describe in a Comics Alternative interview, the project originated with Unferth's stick-figure sketch of the novel, which earned her a contract with her publisher who then introduced her to Haidle.

The two worked together long-distance, via email, Skype, Dropbox, and one extended visit.

Elizabeth Haidle is creative director of , a visual storytelling magazine for children, and she brings a smart, cartoon energy to Unferth's writing.

Together the two tell the story of their narrator Daphne's struggles to win custody of her son, maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, and care for 42 exotic parrots.

Find out who's cool in your social circle by asking everyone what they think of Peaches, or even if they have heard of her.

Here in the UK, she is catching on nicely, although in polite society she is still mainly known for Fuck the Pain Away and That Song With Iggy Pop.

It's pretty difficult to tell where the magic ends and the reality begins -- here she is, posing beside a stage door in gold heels and bleached hair; here, in a bath with two other women, there, crowd-surfing, surfing in the sense of riding the waves standing up.

And here she is again, group-hugging outside another stage door with people in shiny costumes.She gets involved in art projects, films and stage shows -- Peaches Christ Superstar was her one-woman and a pianist musical show (long-time collaborator Chilly Gonzales was the pianist), based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber rock opera with the similar name.And then came the pulls-no-punches 'electrorock opera' Peaches Does Herself, which saw her get together with old and new collaborators.To start off with, I did both, thundering through the introduction written by Peaches, and then feasting on the photos.She says that Talinski captures both the 'magic and the realities' of life on tour, on stage, in artistic projects, and taking time out.While most comics collaborations begin with a written script, Haidle instead adapted Unferth's visuals, while Unferth in turn revised to include not only Haidle's input but her personal experiences—including her own son's insights into the character of Noah.


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