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One of Paris’ best kept secrets is a lunchtime venue in the cellar of La Madeleine or more formally; L’église Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, the Madeleine Church.If you didn’t know to look for it, you would never just happen to stumble across it.There are also hundreds of detailed guides to the towns of France.

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A large industrial centre, Mulhouse is economically and culturally rich, and is a lively and cosmopolitan city. Use the following link: Guide to towns in Alsace Back to top The south west extreme corner of France has a lot more to offer than the fabulous wine it is so famous for. DEPARTMENT HOTSPOT - DORDOGNE: DORDOGNE PROPERTY GUIDELocated in the south-west of the country, many people think the Dordogne is France's most scenic department.

It has traditionally been the most popular department for foreign buyers.

You will also find eastern France's number one spa town, Bourbonne-les-Bains, here, which has been curing, relaxing and rejuvenating visitors since the Roman times. Use the following link: Guide to departments in Champagne-Ardenne TOWN HOTSPOT - REIMS: REIMS PROPERTY GUIDEReims, in the Champagne region of northern France is a city which positively bubbles with life.

Of massive historical importance as the place where the French kings were crowned, the modern city has a large student population who add youth and vigour to its history and tradition.

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Want to buy a French property in the perfect location? There are guides to all the regions and departments of France.

Alsace is home to the European Parliament, the European Court and the European Commission on Human Rights. DEPARTMENT HOTSPOT - BAS-RHIN: BAS-RHIN PROPERTY GUIDEThe Bas-Rhin department, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, is the perfect home for the European Union.

The constant stream of bureaucrats and policy-makers means that there is a very buoyant rental market for short-term lets in particular. Use the following link: Guide to departments in Alsace TOWN HOTSPOT - MULHOUSE: MULHOUSE PROPERTY GUIDEMulhouse, located in the Alsace region of France, is an ideal base from which to explore not only north-east France, but also Switzerland and Germany.

It is a peaceful department and has an economy which revolves mainly around agriculture and tourism. Use the following link: Guide to departments in Auvergne TOWN HOTSPOT - AURILLAC: AURILLAC PROPERTY GUIDEThe town of Aurillac is the capital of the Cantal department in southern central France.

Little known in comparison with many other departmental capitals, Aurillac is nevertheless a very attractive and vibrant town with an interesting history and a thriving economy.

Fine wines and appetising cuisine make this region stand out.


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