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Iowa State defensive coordinator John Skladany and his mustache are pumped.We have played one quarter and both defenses winning the day. ABC’s bump music is Feel Good, Inc by Gorillaz and I’m having flashbacks to Sips on Welch Avenue. — Tate throws an awful pass that is intercepted by Steve “Greedy” Paris, Tate rushes up to make the tackle and leads with his head. After a minute or two, Tate gets up and is clearly woozy. — Iowa State pounding the ball with Stevie Hicks as analyst Tim Brant heaps praise on offensive coordinator Barney Cotton, “This group is getting better and better.” — Iowa State runs the ball on 3 and 12 at the 15 and gets two yards.The Hawk fans start to depart Jack Trice in droves with eight minutes remaining. Analyst Tim Brant says, “This is a program maker.” – Stevie Hicks is named player of the game after his 28 carry, 120 yard day.

The camera shows a Hawk fan doing the chomp thing, which they invented before Florida I assume.

— We go down to sideline reporter Suzy Shuster, who lets us know there are 30,000 people outside the stadium just there for the party.

And Tony Yelk bangs the extra point off the upright, as Mike Tirico reminds everyone about place-kicking issues. Flynn is currently the offensive coordinator at Grand View in Des Moines.

— Iowa gets one first down, but an Adam Carper deflection on 3 down stops another Iowa drive, the Hawks offense is getting dominated by the Cyclone front seven.

The Hawks had won nine games in a row dating back to 2004 and had pulled off the Tate to Warren Holloway heave against LSU in the Capital One Bowl.

Tate was on his way to becoming a Hawk legend and Hawks were legitimately talking Rose Bowl and National Title.

The next week Bret Culbertson took over full time duties and was the Cyclone starter for 3 years, including the Shaggy win over Iowa in 2007. — Iowa on the move when Manson finds future NFL tight end Scott Chandler, but Cyclone safety Nik Moser just rips the ball away and forces another Hawkeye turnover.

Culbertson now works for Kohl’s Kicking Camp (started by former Iowa State kicker Jamie Kohl) as it’s National Coach and Media Coordinator. — Berryman, Dobbins and Nick Leaders have lived in the Hawkeye backfield. The play is reviewed (replay was instituted that season) and upheld.

I was a junior at Iowa State at the time and the amount of smack talk on AOL Instant Messenger was at an all-time high.

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