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The programme will aim to make a positive contribution towards improving health and wellbeing for people aged over 50 in Wales by providing quality information and advice, helping people to get easy access to the right public health services.

This includes giving people the tools and information to help them to make lifestyle changes, and helping them to access local preventative services.

The assessment will be available online towards the end of the year, but different forms of support and promotional work will be phased in so that people know when and how they can access it.

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It is always good when people make choices which help improve their overall health and wellbeing.

The self-assessment has been designed to focus on issues which are particularly relevant to people aged over 50.

This programme will have an important role in helping people identify health issues which may be most relevant to them, and by helping them to identify when it would be appropriate to seek professional medical advice. Telephone support will be available, and other forms of community based support may also be available in your area.

We are working in partnership with Communities First and Age Cymru to facilitate access to the service in specific areas.

The service will also provide information and signposting to support broader areas of wellbeing.

In some cases individuals may be advised to seek professional medical advice.Information provided by individuals will then be used to generate personally tailored advice and information.Depending on the answers given, advice may include guidance on specific lifestyle issues, and it may refer individuals to services that are appropriate for them.Technology can give quick and easy access to reliable up-to-date advice on health problems, interventions and services.This new service will provide people with high quality health and wellbeing information, and on services which can help them.For many people, particularly those with a chronic condition, their main source of advice will remain their GP.

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