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A Special Response Fee will be charged to each person deemed liable for violations such as littering, amplified noise and urinating in public.

The ordinance, introduced by Supervisor David Campos, tested the limits of Section 230 immunity in an interesting way.

Because apartment listings on Airbnb are posted by third parties, conventional cyberlaw wisdom dictates that Airbnb can’t be seen as the publisher of those listings.

Earlier this year, that city’s Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance meant to force home-sharing websites like Airbnb to remove short-term listings that were not registered with the city.

Failure to do so could mean fines of up to $1,000 per day.

Without Section 230 — the popular theory goes — there could be no Facebook, Amazon, or Twitter.

Yelp’s one-star reviews would have rendered it helpless against litigation from angry business owners, and Reddit’s anonymous trolls would have long ago invited a barrage of devastating libel lawsuits.For a Limited Time receive a FREE HR Report on the "Critical HR Recordkeeping”.This exclusive special report covers hiring records, employment relationships, termination records, litigation issues, electronic information issues, tips for better recordkeeping, and a list of legal requirements. Employers must keep records related to the selection and rejection of applicants for the training program that identify the applicant's race and gender, including résumés, applications, interview notes, and any other documents used as the basis for evaluating a candidate for hire. Employers must keep records of each minor worker's name, address, and telephone number; total hours worked each day and each week; daily starting and quitting times; age; date the minor was authorized to work; wage rate and total wages paid each week; deductions, rebates, or refunds taken from the minor's total wages and the net amount of wages paid; and any payroll or other records pertaining to the employment of minors.Stark attempts by legislators and judges to refine or redefine Section 230’s boundaries are chipping away at the broad immunity websites once took for granted, and some defenders of Section 230 worry that the core protections enshrined in the law are under threat.The changing tide is evident elsewhere in the courts, where recent rulings have dealt blow after blow to internet companies that depend on safe harbor. Please go directly to the referenced Websites for the most current information. Infractions are punishable by fines only (not physical arrest), whereas misdemeanors are punishable by physical arrest, up to a year in jail and fines.


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