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JF: My main advice would be to have an army of game-loving fans who remember you from your glory days 10 years ago. JF: I always think people backwards rationalize their lists. She tweeted, "dudes, i don't think it's bad to be a dweeb.Probably also, and this is good generic life advice, "try not to be a [jerk]." If she'd posted about me being a real [jerk], things might have developed differently. My main criterion is, "When I wake up in the morning, do I want to see/call her? i just dont want to date someone i can't relate to. more a cautionary tale."[sic] On Wednesday, we learned that her internship at Gizmodo was over when Bereznak tweeted this announcement, "@gizmodo didn't fire me. sorry to disappoint you all."[sic] We reached out to Gawker Media to see if there were any repercussions and how the company feels about her decision to reveal Finkel's name. Highlights from Jon Finkel's Reddit AMA Here are a few of the most pointed questions and answers (edited for grammar).

AP Images In this era of graphic-novels-as-blockbusters, pop-stars who give just-be-yourself pep talks, and the rising fame of, like, Jesse Eisenberg, is it OK to be a geek yet?

Apparently not, at least judging by a Tuesday's Gizmodo post in which writer Alyssa Bereznak rants about dating a guy who turned out to be a world champion player of the collectible card game Magic the Gathering. The consensus, happily, is that Bereznak showed herself to be pretty lame by dismissing the guy just for playing Magic.

I noticed Felicia Day in your Twitter; did she say something to you? Did Gizmodo contact you at all about disclosing your name? D, to advise anyone who has experienced a public bashing and violation of privacy.

- kbilly If you include Twitter messages from other continents saying 'Id date you', then a lot. - clifwith1f Nope, although it looks like one of their editors just sent me an email 15 minutes ago, but I haven't really had time to sift through all my emails. "Online dating, particularly for men, can test their self-esteem.

Top of the list being his accomplishments as a world champion of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

Instead of quietly judging him and moving on with her life, she decided to write a post about him and reveal his name on tech blog Gizmodo, which garners 1.8 million unique visitors.As for Felicia Day, it appears she made a tweet or two about it, but I don't really know much about her, except that she seems like a lovely woman who is apparently loved by gamers. This is already cutting into valuable [Pro Tour] Philly test time - which is the initial reason I took off work today. Because it's often the men who do the asking it is often the men who are more vulnerable to rejection.The key here is to remain detached from the outcome," Dr. "Strong emotional reactions on a first date, like love or hate, are likely to reflect the most about the person experiencing them.But I suppose this sort of stuff could happen to anyone with a large enough Google footprint, even if they are a "Grade D Celebrity." CN: Do you think you were a victim of cyberbullying? 18-year-old Jon might have thought that, especially if it had been a girl that he had been really into, or had left himself vulnerable to, rather than just an uneventful, say goodbye forever kind of date. " That being said, I think I've devolved my list into two main things that I think everything else follows from: "Self awareness and intellectual curiosity." CN: Can you describe what a perfect date might be like? I think the entire Internet wants to see that date happen. What was your first reaction upon reading her post about you? Even though the post itself didn't make me look bad at all (at least I didn't think).CN: As of today, has she contacted you to apologize? JF: Someone smarter than me once said, "All good dates are the same but all bad dates are different." You just know when it's good - the details fade away. CN: Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood asked you out on "Attack of the Show." Are you going to take the date offer? JF: I definitely don't want to let down the Internet. Still, it's sort of like someone publishing emails you wrote to your girlfriend, or posting part of your diary - it just feels wrong Are you upset that she revealed your identity in the article, or do you think that ultimately this is going to work out for you with the great publicity?The takeaway from this episode is the kind of takeaway that you'd think we wouldn't need anymore: People with niche passions can also be normal. By most accounts, Jon Finkel, the guy that went on the dates with Bereznak and was the Magic world champion in 2000, is a nice guy.


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