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This project stores, lists and categorizes ADF samples created by various members of the ADF EMG.

The samples may be undocumented, or might be created as part of an article or blog post.

An example of a feature is a product catalog in which users can query and select items to buy.

They are built according to common requirements using industry best practices, tested for usability, and delivered through JDeveloper as composite components or instructions on using ADF components A place to discuss best practices and methodologies for Oracle JDeveloper and ADF Enterprise development, including effort by "experts" in ADF to discuss higher level architecture issues than those discussed on the OTN JDeveloper technical forums.

This effort is to get ADF experts, advocates and programmers to start collaborating.

ADF Code Corner is a blog style column that provides hints, tips and coding examples for ADF developers.

The content on this page ranges from easy to complex and often contain advanced programming concepts.

However, Oracle ADF regions cannot be created at runtime. Using a hands-on exercise, this article shows developers how to use multi-task-flow binding in Oracle ADF applications.

Parts of the sample application have been prebuilt to give you a head start.

Please post questions or report problems related to the samples in this series on the OTN forum for Oracle JDeveloper: Links to external reference material like the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (EMG), ADF Architecture Square, the ADF TV Youtube channel, ADF Insider and more.

I recommend you visit all these sources and bookmark them.

A list of well ADF books that I recommend you have a look at.


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