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Thank you, Melissa, for all your talented work in education and for using My e Coach. celebrated around the world filled with resources to help excite and inspire your students as they enjoy this wonderful time of year.

They can learn about their own family traditions as well as those of others from countries around the globe."Dear Ward, Once again I want to express to both you and Cynthia how thankful I am for all the things I learned from both of you during our three-day training.

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Only 22 were black and 18 were white with two offenders not having an identified ethnicity.

The findings are in stark contrast to the fact that Asians make up only seven per cent of the UK population, the study noted."There has been a lot of coverage of grooming gangs recently, ranging from the politically correct, who don't want to talk about it, and the bigots who want to use it for hate.

According to a new report released by an anti-extremism think tank in UK, gangs of Pakistani-origin men target white girls with alcohol and drugs before raping and sexually abusing them as the men are unable to integrate with the British society.

The study by UK-based Quilliam group calls for greater government support to help integrate British Pakistani people into modern UK society."We began thinking we would debunk the media narrative that Asians are over-represented in this specific crime.

Even though the pacing was fast, we were introduced to a lot of extremely valuable resources and the learning was superb!!!

Now that I have had the time to explore everything more in depth, I cannot say "thank you" enough to the two of you.

She believes that technology integration and project based learning are outstanding ways to facilitate learning.

Her groups have been nominated for a variety of awards and won first place in the California Student Media Festival in 2009 under Best Use of Interactive Media.

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Since 2011, groups of men mostly of Pakistani origin have been prosecuted for organised sex-grooming crimes against hundreds of girls across cities of England like Rochdale, Rotherham and Birmingham.


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