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August 6, Once you enter the dating phase of the relationship, this phone call rule becomes more relaxed. We will help you to find the best rich men dating website to join! Miss USA Fun Facts • The Miss USA pageant was conceived in 1950 when Yolande Betbeze, winner of the rival Miss America pageant, refused to pose for THE DATING JOURNAL – BY SIMONE LEE BRENNAN Reviews of the top rich men dating sites and millionaire dating sites on the web.Before you call your online match on the phone, review his profile and your correspondence with him.

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Online dating and first phone call

Write down four or five friendly questions that you would like to ask him.

Should the conversation drag or you get a little flustered, you can use one of your questions to help get the conversation back on track.

You are much better off having a call be 30 minutes too short rather than 5 minutes too long. When you are ready to wrap up your first phone call, tell him you have really enjoyed talking with him.

Tell him you have a few errands that you need to take care of and ask if you can call him later.

Take the time to prepare for a successful first phone call. Costco has a calling card for 2.9 cents a minute, for local and long distance calls.

There is a good possibility that you will end up communicating with men that are outside your local calling area. This compares to 10 cents a minute from your local phone company.Try to limit your first telephone conversation to 15 minutes.The conversation will be long enough to get to know one another a little bit, but hopefully not long enough for either one of you to get bored.He does not respect your need to feel safe and secure.When one of your online matches gives you his phone number, write him back and thank him.In order to preserve your privacy, do not give out your phone number to your online matches.


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