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Most people are familiar with the Vonage name as an early player in the Voice-over-IP (Vo IP) services game.

Most such organizations will be very small so, while the list of network equipment might seem like Vonage is missing a step here, it's really not since organizations without IT will likely be small enough to only have one internet router and perhaps a switch or two.

Even advanced features are fairly easily accessible via Vonage Business, though you may pay a little extra.

So, carefully go over your options with your Vonage sales rep if you opt for this solution.

Potential price issues aside, Vonage Business is a solid package that can give an SMB an up-to-date Vo IP-based communications capability, without requiring an on-site telecom manager or expensive PBX hardware.

Once the initial configuration of the phones is done, the admin can access the admin portal and users can access their individual portals to set up associated features for the whole company and for individual lines, respectively.

Configuring the company-wide features, including the auto attendant, individual extensions, and user profile information, were all simple and well documented.

Physical desk phones can be purchased separately or through Vonage and, as mentioned, some features cost extra, such as voicemail transcription and 800 numbers.

Initial setup support with a live person is included, too, as is the ability to port numbers from existing lines to the new system.

For example, those who want video conferencing can get this additional feature through the Amazon Chime Pro.

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