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I still see good bloggers that write good content that still get no Tweets on their posts. To help you figure out which one you fall into, I thought I’d share a few things I see that are good and a few things I see that I think are bad. Each day the people that follow you have 100’s if not 1000’s of things and people they can choose to retweet to their followers, so when they choose to share you, make sure you let them know you SEE them.

If you see yourself doing many of the good, then keep going, the success will come. Show your appreciation, acknowledge what they did to help you and at the very least say Thank You, or kick them back a tweet once in awhile.

The worst part – he might be finding out about this just like everyone else…right here on!

The Stupid Comics pages have been neatly categorized for your convenience! Dames in Space Take a Whiz with the Whizzer Unsolicited Testimonial Before Comics Made Sense Homespun Hayseeds Furry Porn Nazombie Punks Fuck Off Nippos Erect Axeman Acts Up 70 Years of Lurid Trash Satan's Old Lady Boy Love Hiya Lorna How ya Doone? Pagan Pain I'm sick of these motherfuckin skeletons on motherfuckin buses I'm DYING to recycle these cover ideas! There Wolf The Evil That Cat Man do The Comic That Godwins Itself The Hole Story Four Arms to Hold You Have a Holly Haunted Christmas My Head is a celestial body!! Ace is the Place Globsmacked II: The Reglobbening Just Like In My Animes Animes Part 2 Martian, Martian, Martian Mantech Semantics Male Nipples in Space Mickey's Strange Interlude Dr Fishlove, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Turn Into a Fish Twin Tales Model sheets are for pussies Bugs and Elmer and Marion and Rodney Thank You Masked Man Burn in Hell, 1990s There's a Fish in the Percolator I Ain't Talking for Clapping Vacation Photos Best and the Wisest and the Boringest Ruh Roh Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars Drink Your Milk Li'l Kids Millie the Twistin' Monster Menace 2 Originality The Eyebeams Have It Appoint This The Red Red Rabbit comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along Color Me Stupid Hugs Or I'll Kill You Inx and Jinx Moony Xmas Bearly Christian Raggedy Moon Soldier Boy, Oh My Little Soldier Boy No, the OTHER Ziggy Duck You Sucka Go Go Gajit Lassitude Ho Ho Ho Deconstruction of an omniscient ad Superman vs the Quik Bunny!

A better plan is to follow “some” influencers and follow regular targeted people that are working Twitter correctly and that you can connect with much easier.

Also following people just because they have big followers numbers is a mistake and so is randomly following people just to build your numbers.Start off with the first page, or click any link below to begin your journey into... Navy Jones' Locker Nazi Zombie Punks Fuck Off Again Off to see the Wizard Japvires! Crusoe Adbusters Angel in the Outfield No, The OTHER Dr. Today's Scary Bride Magazine Like "Meatballs", but with more Satan Bowling for Stupid I refuse to believe this comic exists Hasn't New Orleans suffered enough? To boldly go where no comic book has gone before Forbidden Planet's Flirty Fishing "Twist" endings that suck Gorilla My Dreams Spaceman Kerry Elevator Operator of Death The Dogs of War Just Desserts Earth Versus the Flying Saucers Child Psychology Star Drek Mantis Comic Sucks Zombie Commie Lincoln Globsmacked Sadder Saturn Stardate: Teenage Wasteland Ground Control to Major Snoozefest Groot Morning America Don't Worry, Be Crappy Zoning Out If You Like The Guardians of the Galaxy Film You'll Love This Shark Weak X Marks the Spot SILENCE! The Horrors of Ronald Mc Donald Dumb Ads OH YEAH!!! IN SPACE Saturday Morning Cartoon Ads Saturday Morning Pt 2 Journey into Nightmare with Andy Devine Stronger Than Dirt Coffin Nails More Dumb Ads Still More Dumb Ads Total Toilet Paper Pigs Love It Let's Spoon Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Worst Poochie Ever Chicken Feed Welcome to the World of Tomorrow On the Road with a Gay French Bear Made from the finest Fossil Fuels Bubble Bubble Toil and Trubble Bubble Bubble pt. Electro the wonder robot Stardust the Super Wizard Zatara's Magical Backmasking Dr. The Man Show 23 Skidoo Small Change Space Hero or Porn Star? Tracing Paper Journey to the Ecch The Donkey Who Also Liked Fun Dirty Doppelgangers Pip Pip Boo Boo Ancient Chinese Secret Veteran of the Psychic Wars No, the OTHER Wizard Magazine Eski-Moe Schoolboy Hijinx Follow That Bus Driver No, The Aqua MEN Healthy eating with Mulligan Stew Only You can fight forest fires Popeye the Sailor and part-time guidance counselor Harry Potter and the Rising Oil Prices You don't wanna get drafted, do you? It's Raining Safety Cats and Dogs At least he's not Captain Planet Better Learning Through Comics Welcome To the World of the Future Caveman Genius Canadian Deliverance White Men in the Wild Taking Liberty Manic Panic Miss Military Manners cough Cough Katzenjammer Katz Spare No Expense, Government of Canada Maybe A Shutdown Isn't So Bad MM MM Good Yank your Doodle Vote Early, Vote Often Super "A" Holes Telegram Wham Worldwide Pandemic of Santas Robotech to the Rescue Fire Walk With Me Social Safety Nuts One Smoggy Evening Take Out the Trash Get Happy With The Bumsteads Hydro Cephaly Check Your Privilege Railroad Dicks How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Fangs for the Memories Ghost Styles of the Rich and Famous Commie Punching I Think That I Shall Never See A Man Who Has Become a Tree Merry Ecccchmas Last Gasp In Which Dracula Eats a Hamburger Fear of a Black Planet Rah Rah Siss Boom Blargh Ripping Tale Old Chap Destiny's Density Stop Dragon My Heart Around Drummy Dummy I's the Bye that Sails the Boat Neurotic Erotica Everybody's Workin For the Weekend Werewolf? No, I won about 20 bucks An American Werewolf In a Shitty Comic Convolution League of America Support Your Local SCPA Kobra Kommand The Heartbreak of Tiger Girl Hellcat of the Navy Party Dress Superboy Hates His Parents Sgt. When Jimmy Met Lucy Bat Guano Hi and Lois Mouse Power You are getting sleepy The OTHER Capt. Strange Lois Lane has too much time on her hands Zulus?T Experience 6 Million Dollars' worth of stupid Goin' Bonanza Nip It in the Bud And I'll Form Your Mom My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult I Think I Hate You I Got 1999 Problems and Space Ain't One Another Marvel Media Crossover Success Story Big Boy and Half Pint Farewell Thee Partridge Funny out-of-context panels Another weird pastiche of out-of-context-ness Real people making real dumb cameos DC comics' rage-inducing exposition Comic book vandalism The Crazy Grandma price guide That's Why The Lady is a Cop When Stupid Comics Ruled the World Joe Edwards is dead and I don't feel so good myself Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things PLINK TAP TAP YOU WILL NEVER FORGET...

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