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Read more Founder of the Faith Assembly, he refused all medical care and intervention and advised his flock to do the same. Read more Sonia was never a healthy child, she had a brain disorder and numerous health issues.Some estimate that as many as 90 preventable deaths resulted. Then her parents joined End Times Ministry and stopped taking her to the doctor.

Her parents belong to Faith Assembly, which rejects medical care in favor of prayer.

Allyson died and her parents were convicted of reckless homicide.

The county pathologist said the baby most likely would have lived if the mother had had prenatal care and medical attendance at delivery.

Read more Marie was married to Charles Meade, the founder of End Times Ministry.

The entire family was malnourished from a purely vegetarian diet.

When Eric died, the parents were charged with homicide.They were sentenced for second degree manslaughter.Read more Pastor Jeff Carroll thought that government should have no say in how he built his church, so he didn't hire an architect or consult the building code.Read more & more Michael suffered a hemorrhage, and lost at least a quarter of his blood.His parents put cotton in his nose and prayed for him.Some religious sects engage in beliefs or practices that go far beyond the norm, and are dangerous to the health or well-being of their own members. Read more about religious fundamentalism Here are 2,370 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically. They withheld medical care for his abdominal tumor until grew larger than a volleyball.

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