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GTG (got to go) was its more final abbreviation shortcut cousin. POSSESSING THE ABILITY TO "APPEAR OFFLINE"Sod James Bond, I'm the real secret agent here, I'm actually online, but no-one knows it – mwahaha.

Unlike BRB, GTG meant one of three very different things – you needed a poo, you were about to get a total bollocking for still being on the internet, or your dinner was ready. The ability to switch your status to Appear Offline was a Messenger joy that let you avoid awkward conversations with those you wanted to avoid while still seeing who else was online – and dropping a select few mates covert messages explaining your supposedly errant ways.

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Mostly by teachers discussing the biggest pricks they ever taught mind.16.

PLAYING MINESWEEPER FLAGS LIKE YOU WERE A CALL OF DUTY SNIPERNot only did MSN Messenger precede the likes of Whats App and Facebook Messenger by a good decade, its heyday was firmly in the pre-broadband era.

Now the waiting game as you sat, horny heart in mouth, as you hoped for them to message you. You often had a dozen conversation tabs on the go at once. Oh, sorry, Lisa, no, not you, a different Lisa, honest.") At others, it was a desperate way of getting your crush to notice you. Oh, sorry Michelle, wrong convo.") The genius mind games of a horny teenager.6.

This spelled problems though, namely writing the wrong things to the wrong people. ASKING FOR MSN NAMES, NOT NUMBERSWhen you were a teen, asking a crush for their phone number was the ultimate in nausea-inducing, sweat-causing, humiliation-guaranteeing apprehension.

Sure, Messenger also let you set your status to In a Call or Out to Lunch, but you were 13, you were just too embarrassed to chat to that one you had that awkward kiss with.4.

LOGGING IN & OUT SO YOUR CRUSH GOT A NOTIFICATIONThis Appear Offline feature had another use too.

Hitting the nudge button wouldn't just ping your mate an alert or gentle tone, instead it shook the whole sodding conversation window in dizzying fashion.

When your mate refused to answer your message – even if they'd just nipped to the loo or were grabbing a drink – that was it, 27 Nudges were heading their way every ten seconds.

Like most things we did on Messenger, these lyrical statuses could also be used to send secret pining messages to your would-be bae.2.

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