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That fact is that Blacks West Africa who are not of the Pygmy tribes (where there are few if any) are of the same origins as Africans in Sudan.

In fact, among many Yorubas and others, there is the belief that Nubians migrated from Egypt during the Exodus and settled in Mali, then moved southward into Nigeria and the region. The identification with Nubian civilization and culture by African Americans is only natural, since many African-Americans, if not most are related and directly connected to Africans who came in from West Africa, the Congo-Angola region, Sudan/Ethiopia region and an area from Central Africa to Mozambique.

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These similarities include the "Ba" prefix to name nationalities, such as "Ba-luba" "Ba-kongo," or the "N' to denote persons and groups, such as "Ntu" (probably nation or people) or Ndabaningi (a person's name) or "N-g-r" (God in ancient Egyptian) or the word "N-t-y-r" (Nature, God, sacred in ancient Egyptian).

Hence, these tall and medium height peoples of Africa who are spread from Ethiopia and Somalia to West Africa and south to Zululand are all connected.

Today, the Nubas of the Nuba Mountains are direct descendants of the ancient Nubians (see go to the Youth Site, or click to ) The Nuer People of Sudan, the Dinkas and a number of "Nilotic" peoples as well as many people in East Africa of Bantu linguistic origins are also of Nubian origins.

In fact, although it is said that the Bantu ( Ba-Ntu ) migrated from Nigeria to populate the rest of Southern Africa about five thousand years ago, there is a significant of what appears to be close linguistic similarities between some Nilotic and ancient Egyptian and Cushite languages with the Bantu Languages, both of which originated in the Sahara.

During a conversation with Nubians, Professor Gates (who made a documentary on African history about two years ago) found out first hand that Nubians in Nubia continue to maintain the great pride in self that was part of the spiritual consciousness that made Nubian civilization great and long-lasting.

THE RISE OF NUBIANISM IN AMERICA One fact must be realized by Blacks in the Americas.A Nubian revival is taking place in America as well as in Southern Egypt and Sudan.The History of Nubian civilization extends back to abouit 17,000 years (See Van Sertima: Egypt Revisited) and that history included a strong connection with a great Black civilization that existed in the Sahara and consisted of a number of Black Nations, including some of the ancestors of people who live in the South Pacific/Melanesia, who had been sailing to Asia earlier than 100,000 years B. (see the comments of the former Foreign Minister of Papua-New Guinea, Ben Tangghama; The Black Untouchables of India see the work, Susu Economics at or Also see more on this issue at Nubians created the world's first civilization and that civilization was much older than Egypt.NUBIANS CALL AMERICAS AFRICANS 'NUBIAN-AMERICANS." It was a Nubian who was being interviewed by Professor Gates who used the tern Nubian-Americans to classify African-Americans.In every way, the Nubian was proper and correct in that assessment.On the other hand, the Nubians have as much right to revive their culture, rebuild or repair their ancient monuments, rebuild the ancient Christian Churches of Nubia and Nubia-Kush, make sure that their children learn and speak the Nubian language, prevent others from attacking them, ravaging their females, making slaves and concubines of their women and committing genocide on their men, women and children.

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