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Under her wrapped head was a medium cervical collar and a large ball-gag. The big vibrator and buzzing butt-plug keep her simmering nicely, keeping her moist. She carefully applied sucking pressure on the huge rubber ball sealing her mouth and lips to get some liquid nourishment through the attached tube, carefully swallowing it in small increments. She pissed in the thickly padded diaper and sighed in relief. She moans in her nipple-ringed, immobilized suspension as he clamps off her catheter and flushes the collection bag's contents. He fills her glass back up and sticks a straw in it. What a relief it was for their sore shoulders and semi-numbed arms! ""Oh, boy" Sheila said as it sunk in and her imagination began to run amok.

She had worked herself up to larger ball-gags over the years, until only a large one would do. When they had first got together about 2 years ago, he was understandably very averse to leaving her alone like this, and watched her carefully. His schedule varied according to business, or his whims. She rolled onto her other side on the memory-foam king-sized mattress, using her tightly toe-booted feet and legs for leverage, not disturbing him a bit. He hooks up a new one."How's your vibe settings, dear? Lastly, he removed the tight, wet latex rubber strips from between their crotches and they slowly, sensually slid their wonderful, big shared implement of sexual ecstasy out of their sore pussies with tingling hands, dripping juices, sighing and moaning.

She had rejected a number of guys in her discriminating search. She hollers and cries out and breathes hard through her nose. How the hell long will it take for him to finish up on that account and go get dinner?? I wanna be all wrapped up, taped-down and gagged so I can't move! She tenses and attempts to move against the unyielding super-tight wraps, moaning loudly, feeling hot and super-high, her position completely unaltered."Well, sis, that was pretty amazing, huh?! They screech and strain in bound sex-tasy in their super-tight unyielding wraps as relentless multiple orgasms wrack their bodies, breathing very hard. " The sisters set out the next morning on their stimulating excursion dressed in similar sexy fashion, tight-lacing each other into long black and red leather, steel-boned over-bust shoulder-strap corsets over long panty-girdles. She stopped to smoke on the sidewalk a couple times, to Gina's dismay. My thrill-ride of the day, since we didn't go on one at Disneyland! She strained to move her trapped, crushed arms and moaned excitedly. Gina sighed and went around to help her sister out and into the house. Their heaving hot bound, sweaty bodies and hot breath on each other's faces, along with their sexy, lustful moaning kept them in continuous arousal.

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The vibrators filling her orifices were set on low-vibe, stimulating enough to keep her aroused and boredom at bay, but not strong enough for her to get off. He gets the bandage-cutting shears and carefully cuts a small opening through the vet-wrap at both her nipples. As her first climax nears, he spurts out his semen into the cloth, moaning excitedly. All the feelings and sensations keep combining to force more orgasms out of her ex-hausted, trembling, beleaguered body. Finally, the constant stimulations in her crotch reach a painful, numbing-enough point to ebb the orgasmic assault. It is a training she intends to continue for a lifetime! She thinks about him coming home and unwrapping her head and lovingly feeding her. "So I believe you mentioned jacking up my vibrators and sucking your cock?? He gets on the reclining bench and grabbing her locked and splinted raised arms, lowers her head to his swelling head as she gets revved up. He loves the feeling of the stainless steel ball-post rubbing him. Her explosion builds up in her wet, vibrating pussy as his builds up inside her luscious, stimulating mouth. " She climaxes again as the vibrators do their orgasmic job. The vibrators are getting her aroused and the pulling on her strung-up nipples and tongue stimulates her. She imagines being intimately, inextricably tied and wrapped-up with her. She becomes obsessed with her kindred kinky sibling. They had gone for 15 minutes on the highest setting while having uncontrollable continuous orgasms! For all their straining and exertions, they are stuck exactly as they started. " He pats her vibrator and she squeals in delight while Sheila moans and pants, feeling beleaguered but happy nonetheless. Captured on video, for your viewing and listening pleasure later! "Why don't you relax, ladies, and wind down in your wraps for awhile? Mark and Gina got ready for bed."Well, Mark, that really got her visit off to an exciting start! She damn nearly came just walking out to the vehicle as the big dildos rubbed inside of her with each awkward, mincing high-heeled step. "Hey, Sheila, you don't have to walk like you've got something stuck up your ass and pussy! " she replied sneeringly, giving her sister the finger with a thrusting motion, getting into the vehicle. She swooned walking around in it, insisting on keeping it on, and soon came so hard she nearly went to the floor as Gina grabbed and steadied her. She re-assured her that Mark had given her virtually carte-blanche. A fun experience it was for them both as people gawked and Sheila went orgasmic again. She headed for the suburbs and called Mark on the cell-phone."Hi Mark! They were high on the intimate tight bondage and multiple orgasms. ' and made little rubbing, gyrating motions, getting each other off again. They were both stubbornly determined to outlast the other, discomforts, sweat and numbed hands be damned! She sighed happily, straining against the super-tight layers of vet-wrap, unable to move at all.

She liked to simmer in this state for hours, being deprived of an orgasm but feeling close. He pulls on the ring piercings for fun as she moans. She squeals and hollers, shaking and shuddering in a hot, immobilized, electrified climax. She is breathing very hard and making wonderful sounds. She is practically hyperventilating and feels like she could pass out. She breathes raspily through her nose, relieved and exhausted. She resigns herself to lie there in his super-tight, wrapped, motionless embrace, calmly and patiently until his arrival. She thinks about her eventual release and getting to move around for awhile before being wrapped up again for bed. She eagerly takes his hardening cock into her mouth as he lowers her, forcing his member deeply toward the back of her throat as she sucks and tongues him fervently. She sucks harder and moans in high-pitch as she orgasms hard, screaming through her nose. She strains to move her head in the tight tall cervical collar, as it is the only thing she can move. " Her rigid form shakes and quivers as he watches her, still holding her up by her trapped, outstretched arms. I'll change it after I tether you up by your titties! She's been stuck in this position for about 10 hours now, but it's his game tonight. A big, long double-dildo enters the picture, embedded deeply in their pussies. She imagines being tightly bound to her sister in a 69 position, heads at each other's hot, wet crotch with probing tongues. It's nice they're about the same size, her sister being about an inch shorter than her at 5' 6". She calls her up on the weekend after a particularly long, hot, grueling mummy-session that she had specially requested. He turns the vibrators off as they sigh and breathe in relief. You'll excuse your bondage-vibrator-master for his indulgences! They went to the cashier with the full cart, which included rolls of latex rubber wrapping, ball and other gags, a leather and a rubber hood, a body harness, straps and belts, a rubber straitjacket, ballet boots, vibrators and other stuff. Sheila tried to ask her what the winner gets, but it was all incoherent gagged gibberish. They chuckled and slowly rubbed their hot, sweaty, smushed bodies against each other, cumming again, shuddering and moaning. The batteries were nearly dead, but the huge shared, nubby dildo was stimulation enough for them. The tired, sweaty pair looked at each other in super-close blurry proximity, wondering how much longer they could remain bound thusly. Time slowly passed as they moaned and came a few more times. She wake-dreamed of the awesome, sexciting, super-strict bondage she would be put into tomorrow, especially the wonderful scenario involving her sexy sister. " to herself and eventually drifted off to a light, exhausted mummy-sleep, her head filled with happy bondage dreams.

Right now, she couldn't really move a muscle, nor see or speak. Her only sensory outlet was a low-pulse, large, nubby electric vibrator stuffing and tickling her wet vagina and a large buzzing butt-plug stuffed up her anus. She loves her semi-painful strung-up, stretched-out nipples. Soon, another strong orgasmic spasm ripples through her mummified stiff blue form as she screams. Now she dreads another orgasm coming on, yet also looks masochistically forward to it! She can't will it away, as it wracks her rigidly wrapped body, causing barely noticeable convulsions and loud squealing and moaning. "Let's see, you're over 9 hours now, a pretty typical day! Think about what you'd like to do tonight after I feed you dinner, Mummy Lady! The relentless vibrations feel stronger now in her agitated state. We've discussed it and we're both gonna be in for some amazing experiences! "So, Sheila," Mark says, "where should we to go now to sight-see and maybe shop, to Hollywood, The Walk of the Stars, Rodeo Drive...? Her stiff form shudders and shakes tremulously as it wracks her to the soul. Her mind and senses are reeling but she is loving it! She screams in mindless bound orgasmic delirium."Done now?!? "She and Mark look concernedly at each other, but she's getting what she wants! Her stiff form trembles and convulses as she feels electrified. He presses down as they shriek nasally and the cascading climaxing crescendo crests as their super-stimulated, compressed, vibrating clits go crazy, as do they. Neither wants to give in and they control their heavy breathing as best they can. They both had strong, shuddering orgasms just walking in from the parking lot, laughing at each other. And we've got a lot more walking ahead in Hollywood and Beverly Hills! "Each came numerous times walking around and had to stop periodically. A couple intrigued passers-by on the sidewalk noticed as she tried to ignore them and Sheila gave them a wink. Mark had got off and wondered if one of them would soon give up and hum a release tune. They kept moaning and grinding and squealing and cumming and spasming, nearly hyperventilating in the plastic head-wrap that impeded their breathing.

The catheter gave her the feeling of continually having to pee. Being in strict bondage was her "job", as she fortunately didn't have to work. She wishes now that she had had him set the vibrators back down to the low "maintenance" levels for her. Her greedy, masochistic libido gets the best of her oftentimes! I'll get fried chicken and fixin's on the way home, and feed you there as you are! In her state of total helplessness and over-stimulation, a wicked orgasm is coming on. " They both look at her in the back seat and she looks back and forth at them."Uh, not now... She hollers and screams, practically hyper-ventilating, prompting Gina to slowly turn it down as she barely notices, still cumming. " Her hot breaths slow down as she feels absolutely euphoric and wrung-out. She moans, giggles and vocalizes happily as they watch her and smile."This is your game, your pre-birthday present, Sheila! We'll keep a watch on you." She utters a ball-gagged "Thank-you! They spasm uncontrollably, caterwauling in orgasmic overload. He lets go of the vibrators to get a grip on his cock. "Well, try not to think about it too much, if possible! This'll be a hell of a fun day, in many ways, you little freak! The walk to the Magic Castle was quite a harrowing ordeal as the big plugs moved within them and the pressing clit-nobs stimulated them relentlessly. They tried to ignore people's curious stares, occasionally giggling. They did their best to act cool and maintain a decent semblance of control, but their absorbent pads were soaked with pussy juices. She buckled on the large padded leather blindfold tightly as Sheila began thrusting her hips. Finally the intensity and duration slowed and they breathed a bit easier, blinking their stinging, sweat-dripping eyes at each other.

Now here she was, living her dream, her fantasy, to the hilt! "OK, Love," he says as he lovingly surveys her bound form, "back to the office for awhile! She knows more will come, and there's not a damn thing she can do about it! "She screams and goes into a helpless rage of frustration. She is positively beaming and all a-twitter, her gorgeous blue eyes sparkling. They grab her multitude of luggage and head toward the S. The waiter, whom they're familiar with, discretely refrains from asking for I. from her sister as they all order wine, for which he shall receive a larger tip. She makes high-pitched sexy noises that remind Mark of her sister. "She turns it up a notch, and Sheila screams as she cums in an amazing, shaking, rippling orgasm. She hasn't "cum" this far to stop short of getting the full blast! " she hollers as the powerful vibrations assault her over-stimulated crotch. Do me up real tight as usual and stick the other Hitachi vibrator down hard on my clit. Their heavy breathing and high-pitched vocalizations drive him crazy and he feels a renewed stirring in his cock. As she slowly worked the huge rubber ball into her sister's mouth, she said "I don't believe we're doing this! The pulsating seismic shock waves rippled through them from their quaking epicenters, transmitting back and forth into each other, prolonging the super-orgasmic event.

She just loved it, that was all, and that was enough! This was her choice, it turned her on and she never got enough of it. She was such a hard-core mummification-bondage extremist, sometimes the fantasy came up hard against the reality in long-term binds. She loves the super-tight vet-wrap and the total immobility, unable to even move her wrapped, pointed toes. Her bell has been rung many times, the strong steady vibrations impossible to ignore, along with the pulling nipple pain. She strains to move again and hollers in frustration behind her ball-stretched lips as another orgasm approaches. She strains at her unyielding tight wrappings and feels hot. They have a happy, wonderful meal and he rewards the grateful waiter very generously. She screams through her nose as it continues ravaging her. " She answers in the affirmative as her senses reel and she tenses her muscles to dissipate the orgasmic energy. She turns it up to full-power as her clit vibrates into over-drive and she hollers as a torrential wet, pulsating climax overwhelms her, her juices gushing out. Her sister keeps it pressed hard against her wet twat, shocking her clit and pussy into hyper-stimulation, shaking her to the core. ""OK, but don't over-do it with her, though she shows a high tolerance.""Don't worry.""I am just amazed at how much we're alike! Then give us both the juice, slowly turning it up, OK? He turns the vibrators all the way upthe moment of truth! They arrived at Disneyland for a very stimulating, abbreviated visit. " Sheila panted, back at the car."Glad to see you're enjoying yourself! " She got it fully wedged-in and tightly buckled the wide leather strap behind her head as Sheila moaned blissfully, her jaw fully jacked open. "Alright, maybe you can take a little bondage-nap while I warm-up a casserole for dinner." A happy sound of consent came as she wiggled on the bed, trying to convey something urgently. " She unstrapped the tight gag and worked the large red ball out of her drooling mouth."That ride was incredible! Their hot, heavy breaths excited each other and they thrust their crotches rapidly, urgently and rhythmically together in fast, tiny motions, essentially screwing each other with the huge connecting dong in their tightly-wrapped sensual, sexual embrace. It went on and on, the strong vibrations relentlessly wracking their stuffed, super-sensitized orifices and clits, their lustful desires feeding off of each other, their steamy body heat radiating through their sweaty, tightly compressed bodies.She supposed that, in retrospect, her childhood was not really that atypical from many others, though she thought it was at the time. After you're breathing better, I'll start the vibrator. You've been real anxious for this, but we'll have to be careful! "OK, sis, I'm gonna join you on this special occasion! He flicks on their nipple vibrators to full-speed as they get excited. He intends to savor and prolong this for as long as possible. He gets very aroused and lets go of the tightly trapped vibrators to let his pants and shorts down. "Gina grabbed the items and went back into the room. ""Put the blindfold on me, then strap that muzzle-gag over it nice and tight! She felt her sister's contagious shuddering climaxes reverberate and transmit into her.Everyone had their shit, and their parents' shit, to deal with, their crosses to bear, etc.! I'll start real low, and gradually turn it up about every 30 seconds. " She is on a super-bondage high, reveling in this amazing experience. He gets a condom and rolls it onto his throbbing penis, lightly stroking it. She went to get the items, explaining to Mark how she couldn't wait to put them to use. Then hog-tie me with a strap through the armbinder ring real tight to my ankles! Then get a long strap and put it through the ring on top of my gag so you can pull my head back to fasten it to my ankles! I saw a girl hog-tied like that on the Internet and it made me so hot! The climax that had been building unleashed itself upon her with amazing force and fury!She was 5' 7'', buff and slim with a tight ass and medium-large firm breasts with pierced nipples. She feels she is losing her mind and grip on reality as the vibratory-fueled masochistic orgasmic chain reaction continues, sending her into that scary, yet ironically satisfying, insane territory of ultra-bondage orgasmic over-load. The electric invaders buzz away, keeping her now in a steady aroused state, eventually inducing a small climax. She gets more relaxed and in a stable state of mind and body. He wonders how long this can go on, as they wonder how much more they can take! We'll be off to Disneyland and other excursions, including some bondage shopping. I'll go over some of the celebration plans with her, especially our special evening plans! So let her shop to her heart's content for her bondage birthday gifts! Both were locked into tight rigid steel and rubber chastity belts with big lubricated, tapered dildos in the slots, stuffing their pussies and assholes. Pissing was a weird adventure for Sheila, through the tightly-clamped shield's perforations. This is a kinky town, and I don't care what anyone thinks! Gina smiled and slowed down, afraid of attracting a cop's attention. She flew into the driveway and into the garage, activating the remote door closer as Sheila vocalized in delight."OK, you nut, off with that blindfold and gag and into the house! As they got to the top landing, Sheila squealed and shuddered, having an orgasm, as Mark watched in amusement. She helped her plop down onto the bed and onto her side, and went to help Mark bring up the bondage birthday booty. This was an ultimate fantasy for them and they were in this stringent, stimulating bind for the long haul! I'm going to turn the sound monitor on now and go downstairs!These piercing rings made breast-bondage play more interesting and exciting. She strains beyond all reason to move her trapped, gloved, sheathed arms and hands under the layers of the tight, unyielding vet-wrap, sweating. She is in bondage-climax over-load and needs it to stop! She goes to that sub-space corner of her mind that she frequently accesses in long, strict sessions. Especially considering our uh, shared proclivities, shall we say? He presses down on the powerful vibrators again, smushing their raw, hot, over-stimulated clits down hard. Maybe it's in the genetics, even though you're half-sisters? Gina had administered a big cleansing enema to her sister, a new, interesting experience for her. It felt so strange not to be able to directly wipe or touch herself, dabbing tissue at the impenetrable steel device. I'll give you a hug later, but I'm keeping this armbinder on! " She had found a parking spot just down the block and the clerk helped put the merchandise in the vehicle. A red light loomed ahead and she came to a stop as Sheila sighed and panted. " She unbuckled the seatbelt and tight blindfold but then Sheila shook her head and vocalized against the removal of the big ball-gag. Gina smiled and shook her head, propelling her weak-kneed sister toward her room while Mark went down to the S. The stairs got to her also as she came noisily and Mark laughed. Mark poured more wine and drank, thoroughly enjoying the continuing orgasmic show. I'll come up if I hear someone humming a song, but until then, enjoy yourselves!A cushioned blindfold had been put on before the final wrapping was carefully applied around her head and the cushioned board without too much pressure. She had to prove to him, and also to herself, that she could safely endure hours mummified alone in this and other positions. On some of these sessions he played with her pierced nipples and her clit and pussy, forcing bound, shuddering, screaming orgasms out of her. He had thoroughly wrapped her stockinged and tube-sock-covered arms and hands together with the wonderful clingy vet-wrap, then tightly wrapped around them and her torso, down to her hips, sealing her arms immovably against her back. They fell over on the cushions and rug in exhausted relief, giggling and looking lovingly at each other.


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