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  1. What was shocking, then, was that De Generes (and her show’s overlords at ABC) was willing to risk the public’s reaction. ” I was like, “Yeah, Dad, I’m going to completely change. I’m going to get one of those haircuts that they all have.” TIME: Is being gay something you struggled with? I ignored it because I didn’t really know what it was until I was 18 years old. TIME readers responded with a wide range of reactions, from commending her bravery to calling the article “an affront to decency in general.” One offended reader summed up his response to her admission in his own three-word confirmation: “Yep, I’m done.” And, even within the story itself, experts in the television industry predicted that De Generes’ career would suffer.

  2. I’ve only listed the answers that will give you the maximum points (20 points) as the other two answer choices will only give you 10 points.

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