Nick starcevic and danielle still dating

ABOUT OTHER HOUSEGUESTS / TIME IN THE HOUSE Q: What was your best and worst moment/experience in the house? As what the buck says, “the people who say they’re good people are usually the worst kind of people.” Q: Have you been watching any of the re-feeds and the Show? What was your reaction to watching the show and what surprised you the most about it? It wasn’t the best way to deal with it by kissing Nick in the house, but it happened and that’s it. Daniele: Yes, I did go to Minnesota for almost a week, its lovely there and his parents are terrific. You know everyone thinks that I think so highly of myself, but going into the house I knew people are gonna love me and people are going to hate me. Q: What is the biggest adjustment you have had to make since leaving the Big Brother house? Q: Past big brother houseguests have always said that the experience is much different that they thought it was. I absolutely love you and I was rooting for you literally from week one.

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Click Here to Read Yana's interview with Jessica Click Here to Read Yana's interview with Dick Donato Click Here to Read Yana's interview with James Rhine Click Here to Read Yana's interview with Scott Long Click Here for Yana's Interview with BB5's Diane Henry, Click Here for Yana's Interview with Howie Here's Yana Checking In with Beau Beasley, Yana Gets News From Kaysar Click Here Daniele Donato Interview (October 14, 2007) By Yana and Fans BEFORE THE SHOW Q: What was your biggest fear going into the house?

Daniele: To be completely honest, I had no fears, I’m thinking..

Do you think that you would have been able to understand that it was just strategy on their part, without taking it personally, if they had managed to be the ones to turn on you first - and ended up final 2? what do you know now that you wish you had known while you were in the house? What do you think of the comment Amber made about her being portrayed differently because of editing on the show? Daniele: Okay, this is the first and probably only time I will touch on this subject. I don’t want to bring Kris into any of this for respect and his privacy. But I'm really good with money, I plan on saving most of it.

Daniele: Of course I would understand its just strategy, I mean I would’ve been mad the game was up & mad at myself for not acting sooner, but I don’t have to be… Daniele: I haven’t watched the entire show yet, so its hard to say, but from what I’ve seen, its accurate & I truly think she set herself up. I have only seen some of the show & I thought it would be weird, but its just funny realizing why people did things exc. Q: What is your impression of the HGs now that the show is over and you have had the chance to speak to them outside of the BB house? Same impressions really, nothing really surprised me, saw everyone's true colors in the house. I was not married, and yes I feel awful about the way things happened but it was not planned and you cant help emotions, but yes you can help how you act on those emotions. I still don’t watch it yet, I need to start, hello project runway is starting… FAN COMMENTS (NOT REALLY QUESTIONS) C: Donnie from Mechanicsville, MD says: Hey Daniele!

I am a very emotional person and in the house my emotions were all over the place. Others maybe over text or myspace but I'm not going to fake being friends with people I’ll only talk to those I actually have interest in keeping in contact with. DAD QUESTIONS Q: At the very first glance at your dad, did you think "oh shit" or "Alliance baby"?

At times it was strategy, but strategy because it was about getting my emotions out at the right time in front of the same people. Daniele: I knew I would have to align with him, but emotionally, it was a LOT harder than I thought it would be to just see him. Q: Shirley (Yana's Mom), jclacy43, Elle Naturelle, tinytina333: (asked the same question): Hi Daniele. and yeah I know life isnt going to be perfect, but you know were getting a long really well and texting and calling all the time, trips planned for the very near future, so I'm definitely liking where all of this is headed. : D Q: Are there plans to attend counseling with your Dad now that the show has ended and keep working on your relationship?

But I truly didn’t and still don’t expect anything from this experience. Daniele: I expect nothing, like I said I wont be searching for anything, if it falls in my lap, ill take it.

Q: Many people said that they love your unique fashion sense!

Those three houseguests were Dick (Daniele’s father), Dustin (Joe’s ex-boyfriend) and Jessica (Carol’s high school rival). Veto Ceremony Daniele used the Power of Veto on herself. Houseguest must answer correctly to stay in the game. Veto Competition - “The Mad Hatter” Veto Players: Dick, Jen, Kail, Jessica, Nick and Zach. Each competitor will stand on top of a pedestal while balancing a glass on top of their hat. Results: Daniele 7, Zach 6, Dick 4, Jessica 4, Eric 3, Jameka 2. Veto Ceremony Daniele decided not to use the Power of Veto. The houseguest with the most points at the end of six rounds will become the final Ho H of the season. Question 2: Jen said the strongest competitor in the house was A) Daniele or B) myself?

There were also three other houseguests moved in upstairs in the Ho H room. Votes to evict Joe (9): Dustin, Daniele, Eric, Amber, Jameka, Mike, Nick, Jessica and Zach. Ho H Competition - “Getting Schooled” Julie will ask a series of true or false questions, covering classroom subjects such as geography, history and math as they pertain to the time in the Big Brother house. Nomination Ceremony Dick nominated Jen and Kail for eviction. Question 4: Which ex-houseguest acted like a big baby… The houseguest who correctly answers the most will win the Power of Veto. Question 1: Did Jen cry over her memory wall picture before or after Amber cried over her first eviction nomination? It’s up to the houseguests to decide how the juror finished the statement. Question 3: Jameka said the fatal error I made in the house was A) saving Jen with the veto or B) not looking out for myself earlier?

It was a very confusing situation to be in and was extremely hard on emotions. People have speculated that you and Nick did "something" under the covers in the Big Brother house. (A lot of people argued for most of the season you didn't do anything and the rest argued you did.) Daniele: We kissed. The reason we were under the covers so much was because we liked to talk with our microphones off and not get caught. I think it'd be a great way to keep your fans posted and stuff. Are you upset by the way in which you were edited to appear? I've never been handed anything in life so everything I have, I have earned. I’m a bargain shopper-deluxe I use mostly MAC makeup. Q: You were very good at NOT exposing yourself during the show. : D Q: Secondly, have you ever considered a career in modeling? Q: Have you purchased a new vehicle yet and what kind will you look at and/or purchasing?

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