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For me, for the team--it's like with any kind of knee-jerk reaction, it's people taking a face-value look at something, and then passing judgement.

An intense esport with picks and bans, and a complex character customization metagame?

Or it just a game you dismissed, because you heard it was an Overwatch clone?

Being surrounded by a huge number of fans that had chosen and paid to be there was a reminder that negativity is amplified by online interactions, and doesn’t necessarily represent broad public opinion.

“Events like this give us a chance to hear from our fans, the people that actually know what the game is,” Holt said.

"So, even if on paper it was good, or for the marketing it was good, that doesn't mean it wasn't painful."All of this pain did lead to a beautiful thing, though.

"Actually, during the Paladins final [as part of the invitational tournament held that weekend at Hi-Rez Expo], I had quite a few people reaching out to me on Twitter, who had been vocal in the past with their opinions about what we were doing, and I got a couple of apologies from people who actually took the time to look at what the game is and they realized the conclusions they'd jumped to previously weren't accurate."In fact, the entire event seemed rejuvenating for Hi-Rez staff.I'd set aside a large chunk of my interview slot to really get down in the mud with Rory, dredging up the pain that comes when faceless people on the internet decide to target you or your work.But it seems Rory was largely unaffected, and I was left scrabbling for new questions to ask."A lot of it was rather unsurprising," he volunteered, as I searched my now-useless notes for inspiration.And that's what we ended up putting onto Steam in September.Ultimately, we went with what we thought would make the best game, and decided not to worry about what else was out there."So while it was frustrating for Hi-Rez leadership to see such a negative response to the game, there is always a silver lining.All pizzas have similar ingredients; they have cheese, they have crust, they have pepperoni.


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