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She was left with ,000 in debt and had to file for bankruptcy.Sunmola sent four traveler’s checks for 00 each to another victim and again had her use Money Gram and Western Union to send the money to him.He posted fake profiles on a variety of dating sites, including My, Plenty of Fish, e, and In these profiles he claimed to be widowed with a child, and to be a practicing Christian with a strong faith.

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The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel database began separating these romance fraud complaints into a separate fraud category several years ago. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) unfortunately stopped contributing its complaints to Sentinel two or three years ago, but they reported an additional 12,509 complaints for the same period.

IC3 also reported aggregate losses to their victims at $204 million for 2015 alone.

Given that the UK has one fifth the population of the U. As noted, the UK is convinced that they have a huge problem.

S (and that there is no reason to think that the fraud levels are any lower here) that would suggest that there are more than 1 million romance fraud victims in the U. This has also been a priority for Australian law enforcement, where they are similarly convinced that this is a massive problem. The most obvious result of this fraud is the massive loss of money.

He claimed to be a military officer traveling on a confidential mission so that he could not cash them himself.

However, the traveler’s checks were stolen, and this victim was arrested, strip searched, and faced criminal charges.According to the IC3, romance scams was the largest personal fraud crime based on losses reported in 2015.The trouble is, there are areas, such as this one, where victims may not even know they are fraud victims for some time, and then when they do realize that they have been defrauded they are so devastated that they never file a formal complaint, or do not know where to go to file a complaint that would become part of a national database.After two days of a jury trial Sunmola changed his plea to guilty, presumably to keep the Court from hearing more details about his activities. The South African police cooperated with the prosecutors.At a sentencing hearing on August 12, 2016, prosecutors recommended a sentence of 360 months (thirty years). They seized all four of Sunmola’s houses in South Africa (he had bought them all with cash) and the contents of his store.They had fallen in love, and were willing to do almost anything for the new love of their lives. Her friends threw her a bridal shower, and she quit her job. It is hard to know the exact size of Sunmola’s enterprise.


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