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The company's servers are all running Microsoft-IIS 6.0 on the Windows Server 2003 OS.

Bulletins are messages that are sent out to everyone on a My Space user's friends list.

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If a user's account is deleted, every comment left on other profiles by that user will be deleted. Although Java Script is not allowed, HTML/XHTML and CSS can be used to change the vast majority of the profile to the user's preference.

Users also have the option to add embedded music into their profiles via My Space Music, a service that allows bands to post songs onto their respective profiles.

Since early 2006 My Space has offered the option to access the service in different regional versions, much like Google and other search engines.

In reality the user is currently directed to their "local" site irrespective of attempts to explicitly choose another.

All social networks listed below have a million users or more.

Their statistics about membership or monthly traffic were collected from recent public news reports.

My Space has also added the option to upload videos via the My Space Videos service, that are played via a standalone Flash player.

The User's Friends Space contains a count of a user's friends, a "Top Friends" area, and a link to view all of the user's friends.

People bypassed this limitation by using third-party tools to emulate a "Top X" friends.


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