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Hopefully by then we’ll live in a world where no one bats an eyelid at a woman who is taller than her boyfriend.

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truth about dating a married man - My daughter is dating a much older man

He has since fought in the Falklands and first Iraq war.

When I met him, he was working for the Ministry of Defence, and I couldn’t resist asking him if he was a spy. He laughed and said he was nothing more than the mutual friend of a journalist I worked with.

Tom reminds me in many ways of my own father, who was quite dour.

He even looks similar and I am self-aware enough to realise that I was looking for a father figure. He has given me stability and he is, and always has been, incredibly loyal to me.

This may comes as quite a shock to you all, what with me being a little over 6 foot and my husband 6ft4.

When I announced my pregnancy on my personal Facebook page, a LOT of the comments (from well meaning and acutely observant/ comedic friends) were things like “Tallest baby ever”, and “Woop that will be one tall baby”.

I felt I was transgressing society's unwritten rule: young girls don't date old men. Then, six months later, I was invited out with my friend and Tom again.

It didn't help that I discovered he was 51 - when I was born, in 1971, he would have been 23. He'd been in the back of my mind and I had confessed to a close friend the day after I met him that, if I decided to date an older man, he would be it.

We married in 2011 and had a little boy called Tanoa, a Fijian name, who is nearly three and is already an uncle to his half-sisters' children. I told him the price of being with a younger woman was that many of us would want children, if not marriage as well.

Although married life has been better than we imagined, getting wed and having a child was a sticking point. After a year apart, where we both dated other people, we got back together. He told me he had also missed me and loved me too much to let me go. The birth of our son has brought its own challenges.

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