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The scholars note that highly disproportionate rates of incarceration, drug use and HIV/AIDS in the black community add to the dilemma.Despite some women adamantly supporting the practice, Bennion said that women interested in plural marriage have to be careful when searching a site like Second as they could unknowingly end up with an abusive partner.

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Its new feature, Muxlim Pal, creates a virtual world where users can develop their own avatars, meet other users, and participate in events.

Muslima is an international social networking/dating site for Muslims that conveniently offers translation services for member profiles between four different languages.

To more than a billion people worldwide, Islam is a way of life, a belief system, and a guide. For both kinds of people, and everybody in between, the Web provides the education, tools, news, and community to connect you to one of the world's largest religions.

Dating, marriage, even friendships; all are harder and harder to find time for in the modern world.

He shares his love, time and resources equally with his wives and subsequent families.” Polygamy is illegal in the U. and most mosques discourage the practice of plural marriages, but there is still a sizeable minority of Muslims both in the U. Overall, Chaiwala said, the site has more than 25,000 members spread across 163 countries. K., which does not allow this…Women are not a commodity, they are not domestic slaves.

Despite many imams refusing to perform second marriages and the practice of having a polygamous family is rare among more mainstream Muslims, polygamy is considered permissible in Islam. People cannot be collected like ornaments.” In the U.

You can also join or donate to this nonprofit through the site.

Muxlim is an extensive community connecting Muslims, offering blogs, polls and forums.

While its founder says it benefits women and leads to at least two successful marriages every week, a dating website that helps Muslim men find “second wives” is drawing criticism both in the United States and abroad.

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