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She was sweating and I can tell she is full of lust. “Please.hurts so fucking much” “I earned it, and you like it” “Im in pain..please!

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I saw tears streaming down her cheeks as she faintly told me to go slower and not use my whole hand.

I went back to using my thumb only, though with the same speed.

The first night, I went up to her room to see what she was doing.

As I approached, I can hear sounds of sexual moans, and as I peeped from the little opening in her door, I saw her masturbating with a baseball bat. My cock got really hard and I started masturbating.

That was my first of many times with my little sister, and we’ve been having sex almost twice to three times a week for the past 5 years.

This story is to be continued, followed with (maybe) a video of us both if everybody likes this.

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” “Nothing, go make yourself something.” “Seriously, get up and be useful..” “Useful? Stop acting like you don’t” As I said that, she broke down and cried, asking me not to tell mum or dad, and more importantly, her boyfriend. ” she said, as she got a little less tense from the crying. I’m a virgin..” “I don’t care.” And at that, we agreed that we’d have sex on two conditions: If there was no anal or blowjobs involved, as she tried anal with her bat and it ‘hurt her’ and she got disgusted at the thought of blowing someone’s cock, let alone her brother’s. She started to wake and told me to go and that she doesn’t want to do it now. She kept acting like she was sleeping as I caressed her thighs, and my fingers slowly moved to her pussy. I kept fingering her clit as I watched her moan in reluctance.

I’d be useful only if you allowed me to be your baseball bat”, I said this in the cheekiest voice, giving her a wink. “I want to be your baseball bat, we can try, can’t we? I licked my thumb, and shoved it violently inside her cunt. I then removed her bra, and started sucking on her boobs, while I was doing that, I started fisting her with my whole hand, careful not to break her hymen.

She always wore extremely short/loose clothes at home.


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