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It made me uncomfortable and I didn't want him to do it but I felt like I couldn't stop him. So I will continue to post as the memories come back to me. You can't tell anyone (that isn't like a counselor or something) what really happened. I remember telling him I wanted to get out of the tent and go back inside because I was scared of the dark and him telling me that he...They wont be in any kind of order, but they will be accurate. AT AGE 4, I WAS MOLESTED BY MY OLDER BROTHER HE IS 8 YRS OLDER THAN ME. HE WOULD LAY WITH ME NAKED AND CARESS AND TOUCH ME ALL OVER. Clean Version India Martinez Jaime Ray Newman Jenna Louise Coleman Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Morrison Jeri Ryan Jessica Alba Jessica Biel Jing Tian (Chinese Celebrity) Joanna "Jo Jo" Levesque HS Verification Jordana Brewster Jorja Fox Kaley Cuoco Kat Graham Kate Beckinsale Katee Sackhoff Katie Mc Grath Katy Perry Keira Knightley Kelly Hu Kristen Stewart HS Verifications Leelee Sobieski Lucy Liu Mandy Moore Mary-Louise Parker Megan Fox Mika Boorem Mila Kunis Milla Jovovich Miranda Cosgrove HS Verifications Molly Quinn HS Verification Natalie Portman Olga Kurylenko Pauley Perrette Renee Olstead HS Verifications Rosario Dawson Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Sagia Castaneda Sandra Bullock Saoirse Ronan HS Verifications Scarlett Johansson Scout Taylor-Compton Selena Gomez HS Verifications Sophia Bush Stephanie Jacobson Summer Glau Taylor Swift HS Verifications Tricia Helfer Victoria Justice HS Verification Violante Placido Whitney Thompson Combo Fakes Summer Glau and Jennifer Lawrence HS Verification Ashley Greene, Charlize Theron, Coted de Pablo, Jing Tian, Shakira Mebarak Enjoy. All fakes needing HS verification are the main collection.

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Dollar, JMG469, Watchmen (cswills1974), DSNY, winterwarrior, The Third Thane, Helene De Troy, van duff, Pbee, Gazomg..the list goes on and on.

I was four years old when my brother who was two years older started touching me. I don't really know how to start this it all happened so long ago and honestly I have repeated it so many times its hard to see how anyone can help anymore. When I was around 7...maybe a little younger maybe a little older.

I knew something wasn't right but he said his friends told him about this stuff and he wanted to try it and my mom still made us shower together. when I was very young, about six or seven, my brother molested me. My dad had left him to babysit me one day, because it was during the summer or something. I am so confused it started when I was 7 before my mother ever married my step-dad they were having an affair. I was always the tomboy out of four sisters, being the youngest out of five girls I always favored my two older brothers. i don't know how i'm even brining myself to write this, but i cannot continue living with this secret under my chest. Honestly I can't remember, one of my older brothers molested me. Recently I found out that my oldest son was molesting/raping my younger two.

I lost a part of me which to this day I am still desperately trying to find. It started with him just touching my feet, and being only 6 I didn't see anything wrong with it. He told me he was gonna do something that all brothers and sisters do, he told me to lay down and pulled a blanket over us so no one would see. He got on top of me and started rubbing (thrusting) his genitals... I've always wanted to scream YES but how do you then say it was one of my best friends..... I'm not sure how old I was when it started or how... I decided to draft a letter to my brother, and wanted some opinions on it first before I gave it to him.

The vivid nightmares wake me from my sleep dazed and confused. Besides he was my older brother, I never thought he would do anything to hurt me. He rubbed himself against me and told me to pull down my... Relationships are not so easy but I am trying to put the past behind me. It's kind of gnarly, so let me know your honest opinions :) Ps sorry for any spelling errors, it's 3 AM. I was molested on 3 separate occasions as a child by my brother whose older by a year. At first my mum was infuriated but my brother swore he had not done anything to me. This is the frost time I ever talk about this everyone says that talking about it make you feel better.

My first fake was posted at The Cutting Edge faking forum on October 31, 2011. HOW MANY FAKES HAVE YOU DONE DURING YOUR TIME AS A FAKER?

A) Jennifer Lawrence - This fake, to me looks like it could have been stolen from her private photos.

C) Mary-Louise Parker - Just another one that I thought was really good, that wasn't Jennifer or Shakira.

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