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After a crew change in Champaign, Illinois, the new crew observed the #2 engine respond to the throttle and concluded that it was operational again.

South of Champaign the Illinois Central main line was double track with crossovers.

departed Chicago's Central Station at AM CT on June 10, 1971.

Up until April 30, 1971, it had been operated by the Illinois Central Railroad, but passed to Amtrak when the latter assumed operation of most intercity service in the United States.

It was scheduled to arrive in New Orleans at AM on June 11.

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The 1971 Salem, Illinois, derailment occurred on June 10, 1971, when Amtrak's City of New Orleans passenger train derailed near Salem, Illinois.

The NTSB found that the mechanical faults in Illinois Central locomotive #4031 caused the derailment.

It recommended improvements in wheel-slip detection devices for locomotives and in pre-departure testing procedures.

The train was composed of 15 cars: a baggage car, 11 coaches, a diner-counter, a lounge car, and a combination coach/food service car.


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