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Very likely, there will be such a person next to him during the recessional, and it is even possible that the wedding party may be asked to dance with one another once by way of encouraging general dancing.It would be gracious for him to mix a bit with the other guests, but it would be equally gracious for you to join him in doing so.At what point during the reception will his responsibilities to the corresponding bridesmaid be fulfilled?

Official Etiquette: Miss Manners is not a fan of online dating, but recommends being vague and not unkind when declining future dates (after dates have already happened). Social Justice Warrior, he’s trying to neg her and then flirt about yoga?

In this case I believe she would advocate for not responding at all. That’s the most confusing thing, like, I thought you were here to get a date? I guess maybe some people think it’s their job to call out things they think are racist? The etiquette point is why would you contact someone and open with an insult? I would recommend not commenting on their appearance, but a short “you’re cute/beautiful” amidst an otherwise thoughtful message isn’t the worst. Like, it can be one of many things, but not the only thing.

My brother does not introduce himself as Attorney Trevor Welch.

Miss Manners realizes that we live in times when people are constantly touting themselves, and the distinction between work and social life is all but obliterated. The rule against using a title for oneself — whether it is doctor, duke, Mr. — when it is not a professional necessity has not been repealed.

GENTLE READER: Clearly, it is up to you if you want to attend or not, but burdening yourself with subtext of how wanted or not you are will likely render the event far less enjoyable.

On a highly related side note, Miss Manners encourages hosts, if they must issue invitations electronically, to keep the guest lists private just for this reason.

Our Take: Jaya: Omg Victoria: I mean, the key thing is to not engage with people who send you messages that you find offensive. Victoria: But it is definitely rude, also, to start off a message calling someone out for something- I mean, do you even want to date them? Victoria: Let’s say she contacted him first and he thought this tattoo was offensive–you can still be polite about it, like, “oh, I see you have a dreamcatcher tattoo- that seems offensive to me, so I can’t see it working out between us.” If you MUST say something. In a larger sense, if you’re looking to really date someone (not just fuck them), you should be looking at their whole profile and not just how cute you think they are.

I mean, the beauty of online dating is that you do not have to respond to anything. If that’s the only thing you’re attracted to you’re just not doing dating very well.

As to what is a good and polite first message- I am generally a fan of something like “Hi! Jaya: So much of this is part of that whole PUA thing, turning it into this game and strategy.


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