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Il est facile de s'y rendre grâce à la proximité avec l'arrêt de bus Collège Pablo Neruda. Son Président est actuellement monsieur MARCIANO BERNARD.L'entreprise MANUFACTURE PARISIENNE DE COSMETIQUE dispose d'un capital social de 152 449 €.

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[Blackmore's] failure to include payment information prevented customers from purchasing the album digitally, and thus directly affected the sales of the album by Frontiers."[Blackmore] also failed to respond to numerous requests from Frontiers and its local promotional partners regarding marketing of the album at medieval fairs being held in the United States."Medieval fairs are popular venues for the band's fans, and thus promotion of the album at such fairs was a major promotional opportunity to increase public awareness of the album."On multiple occasions, [Blackmore] refused to participate in arranged promotional activities based on [his] position that he would only participate jointly in interviews with Night if they were 'major' interviews.

[Blackmore] also imposed other conditions on his participation in promotional efforts, including such demands as requiring that his interview be a 'cover'story, and that any story or interview be given prominence in the publication or broadcast."Throughout 20, [Blackmore's] refusals to participate in Frontiers' numerous promotional efforts on his behalf harmed the sales of the album.

His "failures to comply with his promotional obligations pursuant to the agreement have severely impaired the promotion of the album with a resulting diminution ofsales and revenues," the complaint reads.

Frontiers writes in the lawsuit, a copy of which has been obtained by BLABBERMOUTH.

Young Guitar is an influential rock magazine in Japan and the interview that was refused was a significant promotional opportunity."No permissible excuse was provided by [Blackmore] for the band's failure to participate in the arranged promotional opportunities in Japan."During the 2015 tour, and after returning from the tour, [Blackmore] refused numerous promotional opportunities in the United Kingdom.

[Blackmore] refused interviews and features with Mojo and Uncut, the two leading British music magazines.[Blackmore] did so despite the fact that the band's management had previously requested that face to face interviews be arranged in conjunction with the band's Paris appearance."Frontiers made it clear to [Blackmore] that it wanted the band to participate in face-to-face interviews, and that the band had to make itself available for such promotions."Despite [Blackmore's] obligations, the band participated in only four of the fourteen proposed interviews, thereby severely impacting Frontiers' promotional efforts.Similarly, while the band was in Germany as part of the 2015 tour, [Blackmore] refused to appear for six television appearances and refused to cooperate in the release of between 25 and 30 'yellow press' and tabloid media stories.Significantly, [Blackmore] refused to participate in an interview with Sweden Rock Magazine, an influential rock magazine that had offered to write a substantial article on the band and the album."After returning from the tour, [Blackmore] refused to participate in a significant promotional opportunity in Italy, where Frontiers is based.Specifically, [Blackmore] and the band refused to appear on a 'prime time' evening show, 'Gazebo', which aired on RAI TV, the principal national Italian television network."In addition to his failings in the overseas market, [Blackmore] failed to use his 'reasonable best efforts' to support Frontiers' efforts to promote the album in the United States."Beginning as early as August 2015, when the band returned to the United States,[Blackmore] repeatedly failed to comply with Frontiers' request that [the guitarist] coordinate with Frontiers' digital marketing campaign, including Frontiers' requests that postings be made on [Blackmore's] and the band's social media sites, and certain promotional graphics and materials be used on those social media sites."On several occasions, [Blackmore] and his management failed to post promotional messages entirely, and on others, [the guitarist] posted incorrect or untimely information about the album release date."[Blackmore] failed on several occasions to include information and links to purchase the album from Frontiers on the band’s social media sites.[Blackmore] also refused to appear for two interviews set with Bild magazine during his time in Germany.


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