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Suzy’s mother, Sonia Ardakani, told me: ‘My daughter was totally distraught, as you can imagine.

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We feel sure those prayers helped him survive.’The caring way that Meghan reacted to this horror might help to explain how this very unlikely royal girlfriend — a 36-year-old American divorcee — has won Harry’s trust.

Perhaps it was this side of her character that convinced him she may have the credentials to fulfil her duties as a future princess.

And since her success in Suits, she has become a ‘world-class networker’, as one acquaintance puts it.

She can also be virtuous, almost to the point of piety, forever beating the drum for some trendy new health fad, environmental concern, or worthy cause.

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One morning, shortly after lessons began at the Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle’s best-friend, Suzy Ardakani, was taken out of class by the teacher.

The teenager was informed that her father, Matt, had been shot by a crazed gunman and was fighting for his life.

For during the Nineties, when Meghan was growing up, Diana was a global, celebrity figure and she says Meghan came to regard her as a role model.

‘I always loved Diana and I have her biography, which I gave Meghan to read,’ she told me.

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