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In cases of shared physical custody, the basic child support obligation will be split between the parents proportionately to their adjusted incomes.This amount will then be multiplied by the parenting time percentage for both parents to determine how much each parent would owe.

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Name Change in Maryland: A stipulation to restore either a maiden name or previous last name may be added in your divorce decree if you no longer wish to use your husband's last name and there are no fraudulent reasons for the name change request.

Maryland Child Custody: Unless the parents can reach an agreement regarding custody, the court may award custody to either parent or jointly to both parents without favor given to either gender.

Issues such as use of the family home, child custody and support, and alimony may all be determined in a limited divorce, but property issues won't be resolved.

As a condition of a limited divorce, the court may require the couple to try and reconcile the marriage.

If you need other information about getting divorced, understanding child custody and support issues, or could use some tips on starting over you can also check out our other divorce articles.

Maryland Residency Requirements for Divorce and Where to File: To initiate a divorce, the cause for divorce must either have occurred within the state (for which there is no residency time period), or if the cause of divorce happened outside of Maryland, at least one party must be a Maryland resident for at least a year prior to filing.

To file for a divorce or separation, you should file your petition in the county where you live or in the county where your spouse lives.

Maryland Annulment: An annulment may be granted by the court if it determines the marriage is void due to: The court may grant a limited divorce if there is not enough evidence to grant an absolute divorce.

Towards this end, the court may order either or both spouses to pay the mortgage or expenses for the family home. Either party may receive alimony in actions for annulment, separation, or divorce.


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