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The leading event for cooperation marketing offers companies in the consumer goods industry, media, banking, insurance, entertainment/sport, tourism and retail, a platform to discuss cooperation initiatives for the current fiscal year.

In 25-minute, pre-planned cooperation conversations, participants have the opportunity to get to know potential business partners.

The Matchmaking software evaluates the profiles and makes suggestions regarding which results could fit their own cooperation search.

What are these innovative networking events actually about?

Whether you are an organizer or participant in a networking event: With the Converve platform, you can optimally prepare for tradeshows, conferences and other events.

To do so, we are searching for suitable cooperation partners, agencies in cooperation marketing like ourselves, who want to offer such a format in their country.

It is very important to be connected to the local market and to know the businesses.

The other possibility would be to regionalize the concept and offer CO-BRANDS events in large metropolitan areas such as Hamburg, Berlin or Dusseldorf, where the regional economy is networked.

We are looking for suitable partners for this as well." The next CO-BRANDS event is on May 11, 2017 in Hamburg.

CO-BRANDS is therefore a very efficient format for suitable partners to find each other." "The Converve Platform is the heart of the event.

All participants register via this portal and enter their complete profile – not only company and personal data, but particularly about their own cooperation offers and searches.

We are firm believers in a content driven lead generation approach and as such can help you create this content.

We then piece together a new business programme made up of content led outbound campaigns, bespoke prospecting events and insight led approaches.

The team we provide you with will be following up these campaigns, engaging with traction, building relationships with cold prospects, driving prospects to your events and securing new business meetings and opportunities.


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