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You people calling Maje names can see now that the guy really tried,he knew Toke was a runs girl. I really hope the story is not a deceitful PUBLICITY STORY to get her a publicity for her FAKE LOOKING BAG.

Idiot do all this while you truly believed it was for sale of some stupid book that afforded her all these luxuries.

i am a person with high self-confidence i feel quite comfortable interacting with other people,i find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people.

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Liam Nolan has walked away from Perry Beeches The Academy Trust.

It also emerged that three Birmingham Labour MPs - Jack Dromey, Gisela Stuart and Shabana Mahmood - each received 5,000 in funding or support from Nexus.

You are a hxx, been a hxx since UNILAG and forever will remain a hoe, fcking other people s husband s (probably still did while still courting Maje hence the Anitah revenge).

She might have sold some books but anyone that knows about publishing a book will tell you that BOOKS doesn t make you money like she made it to be unless the whole Nigeria bought a copy..

The Maggie advert that followed the gist just added spice to the whole story🤣. The Guardian reported that one Trust staff member estimated its debts as 1.

I don t think Anita Solomon lives this kind of dirty life style, reason why Maje preference of her despite Toke s pressures on him. I'm really, really, really tired of the same boring guys and am ready to meet someone TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Come and see my personal ad here Friend!i am someone very down to earth,respect anyone i come across.reason she forced herself on Maje to secure herself like a responsible person but NO.I tell you divorcees do not make better husband or wife the second time who is superhead dating 2016. Self-Etching Primer for Painting - your bare metal car project ready for paint? And stop misleading hard working entrepreneurs that it’s easy to get a Range and ball hard like she does within a short/limited time.


  1. You are no wiser, more mature or otherwise changed from who you were minutes beforehand; the only difference is that you now have a set of memories that you didn’t have before and the need to shower and change the sheets.

  2. IMPORTANT REMINDERS For family applications, documents for proof of relationship is a must. Marriage Contact, Birth Certificate) Family applications should be filed together at the same window, at the same time.

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