M24 47 dating

Bores are all bright and strong, bluing is close to 100% (with perhaps some minor wear on edges & corners).All have matching bolts and receivers, but the numbers on floorplate and / or wood may be arsenal stamped to match.

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My 100yo swede 6,5mm mauser showed some SWAT guys what accuracy really is with no scope at 100yds.

Even with the orginal iron sites these babies can print the paper really tight.

The Model 48 has a bent-bolt (with bottom of knob flattened) and features a side-sling arrangement with a slot in the stock (as shown above) and has all-milled parts with a cupped-buttplate.

The Model 48A is the same but has stamped magazine-floorplate and/or triggerguard.

M48s are usually distinguished from the 98k by the top handguard, which extends behind the rear sight and ends just in front of the receiver ring, although this feature exists on other models as well.

The M48 was designed with a stock similar to the 98k, but it has a shorter intermediate-length action and receiver, as does the similar M24 series Mauser.

These were manufactured from 1948 until around 1952 and are all Curio & Relic eligible.

The Model 24/47 has a straight-bolt and sling-swivels on the bottom of the stock (which often have round plugs in the wood where side-swivels once were).

If they headspace ok and still have some rifling left these can be very accurate.

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