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Still curious what a swift upgrade would cost for these. The Stance only cost me 0 more than the BCs, so I think it's pretty clear what I had to go with...

Thanks I don't even want to admit what i'm riding on at the moment, but they arn't working out for me- BC or almost anything would ride better.

Now you know that she married and divorced Robert Kardashian, and then remarried Bruce Jenner, with whom she had Kendall and Kylie.

I ve now been paid for two shows, whole seasons, that never went.

Well Lauren Conrad just blew it for us, having the worst selling magazine cover in the history of the publication.

Let us explain: Blac Chyna is Tyga s ex-girlfriend, Blac and Tyga have a son together, King Cairo brody jenner dating history.

In the texts Chyna called Rob lazy, fat and insecure , and mentioned trademarking her newfound Kardashian last name after matrimony.

I hear stance has better valves, but I do not want to slam my car.

I want around a 1"-2" drop but am afraid stances will go too low. I just want a nice-riding coilover for the street, not going to slam it or track it. Does anyone know how HIGH stance coils can go at their highest setting?

Kourt has a healthy lifestyle and is a big fan of all things organic - she is currently the face of Manuka Doctor.

Getty Images North West is still a toddler but her wardrobe gives many grown-ups major style envy.

Khloé married the basketball Lamar Odom in 2009, after the pair dated for just three months.

Some people don t want to share any shine, they d rather sit on their Instagram account.

She s been in three spin-offs of the original family series, and is currently the star of two new shows from E.


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