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user_id=6151203 with mail [email protected] from US army - profile suspended on he was using mail [email protected] name SGT. p=117390 New comment and new mail on dephilaq from Australia on this scammer : I met colonel Alex James on Facebook dating site a week ago.”I’m United States military officer Colonel Alex James of US army currently on deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan; born 8th of July 1961, I was commissioned into the Green Howards from Sandhurst in 1992, served with the 1st Battalion in Hong Kong, Germany and Libya, after working in the Ministry of Defence, returned to the Battalion as a company commander, serving currently in Afghanistan, for my services here in Kabul I was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (US).”….”I’m 51 yrs old, I am a Widower with a child, my wife died in a car crash, my son’s name is John 15 years old now”. This is how Americans can truly help our soldiers and give them the honor they truly desire and need for their service to our country" got from him invitation to be his friend from Wayn but already could not see his profile - he went by name James Walter with photo from where he has complete gallery of photos Helo Driver/photos with mail [email protected]

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The scammers have his age at 52 & 57, he is actually 46.

He is real playboy, all the photos were with different women & his nickname under some photos is 'The Stud'.

All the pictures on these websites matched the ones he sent to me.

To my astonishment I found an astronomical amount of scammer and warnings about this man.

They could already be listed on a few scammer awareness sites like this one.

Many times, when someone you meet gives you their email address, you can find them on other sites by doing a search on your favorite search engine site.

On delphifaq he is terry walker with mail [email protected] found two interesting coments on this scammer : "There are more scams going around with these photos.


Their user names are - smcares1 & jamesscoolslock so watch out for these 2.

I am on a dating site & have been contacted by 2 people with these photos, the site obviously doesn't look at the new profiles very carefully.

He even spoke of his son named Emmanuel that was being raised by his brother due to his military placement.

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