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The brilliant writers, like John Walker for example, don't get the credit they deserve simply because they don't play the game.Indeed, John Walker gets told to get off his pedestal because he has high standards and is pointing out a worrying problem.This club, this weird club of pals and buddies that make up a fair proportion of games media, needs to be broken up somehow.

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Everyone has a nice easy ride if the review scores stay decent and the content of the games are never challenged. Eurogamer apologises for any distress caused to Ms Wainwright by the references to her.

The article otherwise remains as originally published. They are hard to live up to, sure, but that's the point of them.

I'm a writer who regularly writes about games, that's all.

And I've been happy for people who have been nominated for GMAs in the past, because I've known how much they wanted to be accepted by that circle. I have a mental list of games journos who are the very worst of the bunch.

As Executive Producer of the mindless, horrifying spectacle that is the Spike TV Video Game Awards he oversees the delivery of a televisual table full of junk, an entire festival of cultural Doritos.

Games PR people and games journos voted for their favourite friends, and friends gave awards to friends, and everyone had a good night out. Kieron Gillen was named an industry legend (and if anyone is a legend in games writing, he is) but he deserves a better platform for recognition than those GMAs. By rights, that room should be full of people who feel uncomfortable in each other's company.

The trouble with games journalism is that there are no standards.

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