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Gatlin says, He had taken over Michael’s complete life.” The advisor has handed over the tapes she recorded of phone conversations with Jackson in September 2008 to NBC News in America.

On the tapes, the King of Pop can be heard telling Gatlin, Jackson severed ties with Tohme in May (09) after learning his manager had threatened the boss of a California auction house over memorabilia items that were set to go under the hammer.

In order to provide at least some formal link between Tohme and Michael Jackson, a special was made to the insurance policy to include Tohme there and make him part of the tour at least in this indirect way.

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Fortunately it turned out that they were a cut and paste job originally based on an almost valueless Letter of intent addressed to Dr. The opening and closing pages of the Letter were part of a correspondence between him and Randy Phillips and the text which still remained of the original letter pointed to the contract being far from finalized.

For lack of a real final contract with Michael Jackson the party opposing him apparently replaced the inside of the letter with clauses typical of a contract and heavily slanted in favor of AEG, combining the highly formal pages in the center of the document with the informal pages on both ends of it and thus creating an ‘agreement’ which was full contradictions in both form and meaning.

For details of the above let me refer you to posts 1 – 5 which are discussing the formal aspects of the AEG agreement.

If you have enough patience to read them it will allow me not to repeat the numerous arguments made there proving that the papers presented by AEG are actually a cut and paste job.

It is high time we analyzed the contract between AEG and Michael Jackson from the point of view of its content and intentions of the parties.

Michael’s intentions were honest and clear enough – he wanted his children to see him performing, give first class shows to his fans and receive his hard-earned money for the concerts.

However even if he understood their dirty tricks it didn’t make his life easier – the concerts were already announced and he had to go on with preparations hoping that in the end they would manage to sort things out.

Another possibility is the AEG did not show him the final papers and he was being guided by the preliminary documents only.

The fact that the 0,000 monthly payment to Tohme was forced on Michael by AEG (though it was none of their business how much he paid to his staff ) shows once again in interests Tohme Tohme was working.

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