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  1. Stars in crowded stellar systems, such as globular clusters or in nearby galaxies, are ideal test-particles to test AO performance. Although the internal dichroic will reflect all light short wards of 3 micrometers towards the WFS, only the IR light will most likely be used, mainly due to the expected improved performance at longer wavelengths for the WFS. Bigger telescopes and the use of Laser Guide Stars (LGS) also mean that the properties of the system will change in time and thus need to be constantly updated thanks to online diagnosis tools for spot size measurement, atmosphere monitoring, Wavefront Sensing and control optimization. Scientifically interesting features on the solar surface are often larger thus multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) is being developed to enlarge the corrected field of view.

  2. But to reply to messages they must pay a subscription – usually around £20 a month.

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