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In addition to GPS, we may use other methods to determine precise location if Location Services are enabled, including wifi signals.

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If you choose to “Connect” your contacts as part of the Invite Friends feature, Uber will sync your contacts to our server in order to find and suggest friends who don’t yet use Uber for you to invite.

Uber will not use that information to contact your friends without your consent.

read phone status and identity This permission is used in conjunction with your own contact information to prepopulate your mobile number and country during registration.

You can edit these fields, and the updated values are sent to Uber once your account is created.

This permission is also used to obtain your Android device ID, which is sent to Uber's servers and used in fraud prevention efforts.

Read your calendar We use this permission if you decide to integrate shortcuts in the Uber app to your scheduled calendar events.We will never send invites from you without your direction.directly calls phone numbers The app requests access to make phone calls so you can contact your driver from the Uber app if needed.When you install Uber on your Android phone as a rider, you're shown a list of permissions that the app requests (see image).The descriptions of these permissions are created by Google and are worded the same for every app — currently, there's no way for Uber to customize them.This permission is also used to prepopulate your first name, last name, profile image, and mobile number during registration.


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